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As I was taking pictures of my scarecrow collection today, I remembered this tablescape from last year using my little scarecrows as the centerpiece. I thought I would share it again on Chari's Sunday Favorites. Thanks, for hosting, Chari! Click on her name for lots more fun!

This was posted on September 29, 2010:

We were in NY for five days (for my husband's 50th Class Reunion) and just returned last night so I had to quickly put something together for my tablescape!

My inspiration for this tablescape was my scarecrow collection.

I used my butterscotch yellow dishes (from TJ Maxx) with yellow and green plaid napkins, also from TJ Maxx.
The napkins are tied with raffia. The flatware is from Tuesday Morning. The only tan tablecloth I had is this crocheted lace, so I had to use it as nothing else I have worked!

The centerpiece is made up of lots of my scarecrow collection.

Some close-ups of the cute little scarecrows:
L to R: Scarecrow made of a light bulb, scarecrow on a hay wagon, and a stuffed pumpkin scarecrow.

This tall, skinny, floppy scarecrow came from Joann's Fabrics about ten years ago.
I think the scarecrow doll came from Walmart several years ago.
Scarecrow riding in a pumpkin with wheels.
Also a tiny scarecrow (front) riding on a pumpkin with wheels.

All of the above little scarecrows are on the front side of the table.
After taking most of the pictures I realized I had forgotten to add the scarecrow clock:
I added him to the left side of the table:

Front side of the table (above)

Back side of the table:

L to R:
Puffkins Scarecrow, scarecrow on ear of corn, flower pot scarecrow.

Below: scarecrow made with a block of wood, little doll scarecrow
I love this little "falling down" scarecrow!

Above: small flower pot scarecrow and another scarecrow on an ear of corn.

Back side of table (above.)

Front side of table:

Do you have a favorite scarecrow?

I hope you enjoyed seeing this scarecrow tablescape again!

Have a happy day!

God Bless.



Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

How sweet is that Katherine :)


Antiques And Teacups said...

What a wonderful collection and a super fall tablescape! I loved each and every photo...which are really wonderful. Thanks so much for a great post!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I remember you have all these wonderful scarecrows.....I look all the time for different looking ones. I am heading to SC to Ro's again...maybe I will find one there!!

Pat said...

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for stopping by. I love that falling down scarecrow, I LOL! I bet he is not very common. I love your crocheted tablecloth and the color mix of your plaid napkins and plates. For throwing it together, you done good!

Sarah said...

Cute table, Katherine. Scarecrows are charming.
Happy Fall ~ Sarah

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Katherine...

So happy to have you join in with the Sunday Favorites party this week, dear lady! What a great post to reshare with us!

Well...I just adore your beautiful and adorable "Scarecrow" tablescape, my friend! You really do have an awesome collection of scarecrows!!! I'm glad that you shared a few "close-up" photos of these cute little guys with us. Some of the scarecrows are sooo creative. Love the lightbulb scarecrow...that's a cute idea! Ohhh..and I also thought the scarecrows made out of the clay flower pots were awesome too! But my very favorite is the tall, lanky, scarecrow in the middle of the centerpiece. I love his zig-zag smile and the pretty turquoise hate! What a fun table!!! Your place settings are beautiful...the butterscotch colored dishes are gorgeous, Katherine and I love the pretty plaid dinner napkins tied up with raffia...soooo perfect!!!

Thank you so much for sharing this fun and beautiful "Scarecrow" table with us for Sunday Favorites! I sooo enjoyed it!

Have a super Sunday, dear lady!
Chari @Happy To Design

Bill said...

Hi Katherine,

I don't suppose I can pick a favorite scarecrow, but I think they all look great together! The raffia tied on the napkins pulls it all together perfectly!

I think the crocheted tablecloth works perfectly; it speaks of bygone days when people took time (I can't imagine how long this would take!) to create beautiful, heirloom quality things for their homes.

Love Bears All Things said...

I like the one on wheels and the ones made from light bulbs and the ones made from flower pots.
Mama Bear


What an adorable tablescape! My grandgirls loved it, they're here visiting and I showed it to them, so they don't think I'm to much fun as he lady in the computer, lol! Love the crochet tablecloth, they're my fav tabletoppers. Thanks for coming over too. Have a great week. FABBY

Debbie said...

I love love love these! I didn't see this post until I had already read the one above. Scarecrows are a favorite of mine.

Adrienne said...

I love a happy scarecrow! Yours are such fun. I don't have any scarecrows anymore - I gave them to my daughter and grandkids! So, I'll just enjoy yours!