Cloche Party!

It's finally here! The long awaited second cloche party! The fall cloche party! Thank you, Marty at A Stroll Through Life for hosting! Go here for lots more inspiration. It's not fall here in Florida and I don't have my fall decor boxes out of the attic yet, therefore I wasn't prepared for fall decor with my cloches. I have a lot of other things to share though, but first a little of fall!

This is a little bit fall-ish! I bought this wire cloche and wire "cake plate" at Hobby Lobby for 80% off.

Well, actually it wasn't a cloche, it was a hanging planter! I cut the chains off and turned it upside down - voila, a cloche!!

The gourds have glitter on them, they were from Dollar Tree. I plan to paint this cloche and cake plate, either white, gold, or black. Which do you suggest?

Okay, here's more fall, I used the same cloche and blackeyed Susan silk flowers along with a little scarecrow (purchased at Walgreen's today for 99 cents, just for this party!

Small faux acorns are in the bottom, I think they came from Michael's.

Next I have my large cloche with a pretty ceramic "shell" tea light holder
I bought the "shell" for my friend who collects shells, but before giving it to her I did a cloche vignette with it using a sailboat, and sea gull.

The cloche is displayed on a rattan placemat, and surrounded with a capiz shell necklace.
Before we moved here we had a condo at Cocoa Beach and it was decorated with sea life things, these are left from there, and we have a bedroom with sea/beach decor.

Next I have my baby shoes displayed under this (cheese) cloche.
Faux dried yellow roses are accents

My baby shoes
I put this together with the cheese cover, a plate, and a dessert dish:
The three together:

Next is a small child's tea set under my medium sized cloche
and square crystal cake plate:

It also has little cups and saucers,
but they didn't fit inside

Next is my etched cloche, I have displayed my cameo collection inside:
Two cameo pins are inside with a framed silhouette
The vintage cameo earrings (clip-on and screw-on) are outside the cloche
Deep red silk roses are inside and outside the cloche

Next are two small cloches displaying small figurines
The cloche on the left is a pastry cloche, I bought it at Ross for $6.99. The one on the right came from Goodwill, I'm not sure what it was supposed to be, but it is now a cloche! I bought the little glass stand at Hobby Lobby at half-price.

Both of these little figurines came from Dollar Tree!

I think they are so cute!

I did two tablescapes recently using two of my cloches.
I'm posting them here again in case you missed them!

This lady is actually a skirt vase:
This is the etched cloche (above)

Below is the medium cloche used as a centerpiece for my yellow rose tablescape
The same little dollar store figurine, but I glued a yellow rose to her hand.
Well, I hope I haven't bored you to death with all my cloche designs!

Which is your favorite?

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

They are beautiful, Katherine! Thanks for the great inspiration about the "wire cloche". Wonderful idea!

Shelia said...

Hi Katherine! Oh, I love your cloches and how you've displayed them! Love the tiny tea set!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Katherine....I love the baby shoes under the cheese dome...I think I will steal that idea from you girl too cute...Loved seeing all your cloche's just great...Hope you have a great weekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Katherine, I can't possibly pick a favorite. I think the wire cloche was a stroke of genius and then all the other cloches are all stunning. I love all the figurines and the baby shoes are so precious, then there's the wonderful display with the cameos. I just adore them all. You have done such a beautiful job with all of them. Thank you so much for joining the party, I really appreciate it and what a treat for everyone to see your fabulous vignettes you've created. Hugs, Marty

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your arrangements are so pretty. I love what you have done for the cloche party! I adore cameos.

nannykim at spindle cottage said...

Well, they are all so cute....and to think I had never heard the word for these thingies before Marty. You have some neat ideas here!

Ps. thanks for the info about Cracker Barrel

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Thank you for alerting me that I had an "oops" on my blog post. The tutorial link has now been corrected.

Marilyn Miller said...

Love the cloche displays alot. What a fun thing to do. The baby shoes are so very sweet.

Michelle said...

The doll cloches are adorable! But my favorite are the heavy iron cloches. I'm going to have to get some of those!

Charlotte said...

My goodness Katherine. How pretty.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Katherine, eye candy beautiful. Love the baby shoes, and love the cameo collection. That is just gorgeous. Love the little cloches too. Just everything is so special and pretty. Thanks for sharing with me. Please stop by and see my cloche collection. Country hugs, Sherry

common ground said...

I think the baby shoes have to be my favorite, and I love how you have stands for them. Really pretty and imaginative!

Saucy said...

What sweet figurine finds! I am especially enchanted with your cameo collection and the way you have displayed it - smashing!

Glad to have met you at this party.

Bearly Sane said...

They are all lovely but the baby shoes gets my vote!

Michelle@Sweet Something said...

How beautiful! What wonderful the baby shoes!!

Julie said...

Love the baby shoes...I think the baby shoes are wonderful...xoxo

A Hint of Home said...

Hi KK,
Wow, you have so many cloches. They are all so cute. You have them all decorated so uniquely.
Love them all.
Have a great weekend!

Lallee said...

Sweet vignettes, Katherine. I especially like the baby shoes and roses.

Brenda said...

Ah, love the little baby shoes of yours. And the tea set! All so sweet!

Tootsie said...

I am loving how you used every one of them!!! you are very creative!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Katherine, they are all lovely. Such creative and sweet ideas!!

Barb :-)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

They are all pretty, especially the one with the cameos. Like what you did with the wire planter. HL - one of my favorite stores. :)

Blondie's Journal said...


Your cloches are decorated just lovely. You have so many sweet things displayed. The wire cloche is so clever. I like white myself!!

I like how your used a doily on one cloche with the edges outside a bit. I am going to try that. So pretty.

Great cloche post. Would love to see some of your beach themed rooms sometime. I am trying to get more of a beach look in my Lakehouse!! I need some real shells!!


Chari said...

Hi Katherine...

My friend, what a fabulous idea to turn that iron planter upside down and use it for a cloche! I love that! How creative! Now you have me thinking...wonder if I have anything like that that I could use! hehe! Love the pretty cloche with the ceramic shell...and adding the capiz neclace around the bottom edge of the cloche looks so pretty! I remember your tablescapes with the cloche fact, it was the use of that beautiful lady figurine that inspired me to purchase a couple of lady figurines recently...I thought they were so pretty to use with a tablescape! all of your cloches...thank you so much for sharing your pretties with us today for Marty's party!!!

Warmest wishes,

Chari said...

Ooops...just lil' ol' me again! I forgot to mention anything about your cloche with the pretty white tea set...and here it favorite!!!


Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

What beautiful displays you have tucked under those cloches! I especially LOVE your cameo collection. I have a rather large collection of them myself, but I've never thought of displaying them in this way. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Duchess of Tea said...

Simply divine. Darling, have a lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs & Tea
Duchess ♥♥♥

Sammy Girl said...

Katherine! Everything is so lovely! You are so talented, girlfriend! I think the "cloche" from goodwill might actually be a type of hurricane to put in a candlestick holder and then put in a votive or pillar candle ... but I like what you've done MUCH BETTER! Now I'm gonna have to keep my eye out for one for me! I love them all, and your creativity (like lifting the plate for the baby shoes ...!)
Hugs and have a super day ...
Betty :)

Denise Marie said... have a gorgeous collection. It really makes the figurines stand out under glass. Love the metal..wouldn't paint it. Those figurines are cute. My mom has memories of yesterday and they are like $35 each.

Mary said...

Katherine, my favorite cloche is the one with your baby shoes. The items you used to display them work perfectly and look so pretty. My next favorite is a tie between the little tea set and the cameos. They are both very pretty. I enjoyed seeing all your cloches.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

My favorite is the baby shoes. Great idea!!! But I like the wire one too. Very creative to use a hanging planter.

Lady Katherine said...

Just lovely! All of them! My favorite is the the tea set, but because I love love the square cake plate, love the cameos! Now the wire cloche is the greatest! I love you took the chains off and it is so wonderful! I love it black looks so good with your room decor. But if you paint maybe white.
Now, I catching up! I love the Scarlet post, you have a wonderful collection. I the watermelons salt and pepper are too cute with your watermelon table! Oh, how wonderful the green napkins with the NAPKIN RING SALT AND PEPPER IN IT! I just love love it! Where did you ever find them! Love all your cloches!

prof en retraite said...

Hi Katherine! I love your wire cloche! You are so smart to think ourside of the box like that! But I think the baby shoes are my favorite!! Happy weekend...Debbie

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT ideas... LOVe baby booties the best! SWEET!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Katherine, thanks for leaving me a comment about the contest. I don't think I made it all quite clear. There are two different giveaways and 4 people will win. You can enter both of either. One is for the 100th post and the other is the Pay It Forward. If you win one of the Pay it Forward gifts then you in turn have to Pay it forward to 3 other people. Does this make any sense, seems easy and yet so hard to explain. Anyway, I hope I explained it. Hope your day is a super one. Hugs, Marty

Mary said...

Katherine, these are adorable! I love the child's tea set best, but the little figurines in the small cloches are just adorable! Very creative and beautiful!



PEA said...

They are all so beautiful, there's no way I would be able to choose a favourite! Oh Katherine, you are the Queen of Cloches:-) I just love the way you made vignettes with all of them. I haven't found a cloche around here yet but I'm still on the have truly inspired me!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are all gorgeous, my favorite is the child's boots and a very close second would be the child's tea set, just so sweet. Giving me lots of inspiration!!