Tablescape Thursday

For today's Tablescape Thursday I'm sharing some unique napkin rings. This tablescape in on our breakfast nook table.

I bought these napkin rings several years ago. They have salt and pepper shakers on each side!

Trying to get a good shot, these with the flash.

These dishes came from Dollar Tree a few years ago.
I like to make homemade soups, especially during colder weather, this table is set for soup!

I also want to share our Labor Day watermelon!
I've had the watermelon salt and pepper shakers for many years.

I'm a big fan of watermelon, and all melons!

I like to have salt on my watermelon! Have you tried it with salt?

I also eat my watermelon with a knife!
What do you use to eat your watermelon? Knife, fork, or spoon?

I bought the green gingham plates at Target a few months ago, they were 99 cents each.
I think the centerpiece flowers look like watermelons! I've had this for many years.

This is another tablescape on our breakfast nook table.

Thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting Tablescape Thursday!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these two tablescapes!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Katherine, both tablescapes are just wonderful. I love all the pretty accessories for the watermelon table. Your basket is also so pretty. You always do such pretty tables. Hugs, Marty

Allison said...

Oh gosh, watermelon! Cute s/p shakers too.

ceekay said...

I have NEVER seen napkin rings with Salt and Pepper shakers. How unique is that!!!
I use a spoon to eat my watermelon and no, I don't use salt, although I know people like to do that!

Eileen said...

Both tablescapes are really pretty! I especially loved the watermelon one, the centerpiece was beautiful!
Great job!
All the best,

Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

Love the watermelon! Hope you'll visit me to see my beachie table!

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Both settings are fabulous. Love the watermelon salt and pepper shakers!


Sarah said...

The watermelon on those green check plates is just perfect. Great post! ~ Sarah

Sharlotte said...

I liked both your tables...the salt and pepper napkin rings are neat! I've never seen those before. I also like watermelon a lot too! I eat mine without salt and with a spoon!

Connie said...

How adorable! Don't ya just love watermelon? I do, chickee, and always will. Had the last piece of one today for breakfast. Gotta shop tomorrow so will pick up another one.

Deanna said...

Dear Katherine,
Enjoyed seeing the table settings!
This is always fun to me to see all the ideas shared.
The watermelon one is very cheery and I like this.
God Bless,
d from HomeHaven

A Hint of Home said...

Pretty dishes from the dollar tree. I have never seen napkin rings like those. How unique!
I love the watermelon setting. The colors are so summery.
I'll tell Tom what you said. It'll make his day.

LillyB said...

Hey! I love both of your tablescapes!!Enjoy watermelon before its long gone until next year!! How fun!!! Now I want watermelon lol!!

Bearly Sane said...
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Bearly Sane said...

Hi Katherine!
Both are lovely, but the watermelon setting really stands's really cheerful and inviting. Hark! Is that thunder that I hear? No it's my tummy rumbling...that watermelon looks so yummy! Tee Hee!
Warmest hugs,
P.S. sorry about previous post...fingers were typing without brain control!

Dining Delight said...

Those are terrific and useful napkin rings with the S&P in them! Pretty dishes and napkins you put with them.
At last, a kindred spirit...I LOVE salt on watermelon, it brings out the flavour wonderfully! People in these parts think I'm crazy for even suggesting it! Love your watermelon 'scape too!


honeysuckle said...

Thanks for the two tables today. I love watermelon and either eat it without any utensils, or with a fork. Have a great day!

Bill said...

Hi Katherine,
This was an inspired post! I very much liked both tables and, like everyone else, I was charmed by the unique salt & pepper shakers! I had never seen either design. I especially admired the way you cut the watermelon into the same shape as the s/p shakers! Great attention to detail!

I usually cut the watermelon into pieces and remove the seeds before serving it ... sometimes I have a tendency to spoil people. ;)

My best watermelon memories are from childhood ... eating it outside with cousins ... spitting the seeds ... sticky hands and faces! Such fun!

Hope the rest of your week goes well.


Rettabug said...

What happy looking tablescapes! They both made me smile. :)

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Hi Katherine,
Love the watermellon and all the accessories are cute as can be!!

Love Bears All Things said...

I like the napkin rings with salt and pepper shakers.
Honey Bear eats his melon with salt. I used to but only occasionally now. I think he even puts pepper on his Cantaloupe.
You are so creative and I love seeing your tablescapes each week.
Mama Bear

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Wow! A twofer! You've spoiled us. What delightful napkin rings. and the watermelon scape is perfect for end of summer -- I salt my watermelon too. Love how you pulled it all together.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

What happy fun colors. I love the green dishes with the watermelon. Those napkin rings are great!

Mom2fur said...

Everything is so cute! I can't imagine walking into the room and seeing those tablescapes, and not smiling!

Janie's World said...

What unusual napkin rings! Salt and pepper in each! The tablescapes look wonderful. I love the watermelon on those green checkered plates. So summer.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Katherine! My gosh, I LOVE the napkin rings! How many guests would LOVE that they have their OWN salt and peppers without having to interrupt conversation asking to pass it around!!.. and they're so pretty too!!.. Love the gingham dishes too!.. Gingham has always been a favorite with me, even when I was a young girl! Beautiful tablescapes, and it was a pleasure stopping here today! ~tina

Melissa's Cozy Tea Time Readings said...

It is beautiful. Do you borrow dishes from friends to do table scap pics or do you own all this tableware?

Liz said...

Well the soup table is darling, but I LOVE the watermelon table. How cute is that?!


xinex said...

Both tablescapes are very warm and pretty. Pretty nifty napkin rings with a built in salt and pepper shakers. I have never seen one like them. I eat my watermelon with either a fork or my fingers...Christine

Kitty Valerie said...

Very refreshing tablescape.
Warm regards from South America,

nannykim at spindle cottage said...

The watermellon tablescape has lots of pizzazzzzzzz! Love the s and p shakers (many Southerners here in SC like salt on their watermellon but not moi). I had some wonderfully sweet cantalope today--mmmm so good when you get a sweet one.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Katherine,
Love both tablescapes! You've got me craving watermelon! LOL
I have never seen napkin rings like those cool are those! I could see the salt and pepper...I love it! Beautiful china and I love the green color of your napkins! Thanks for a fantastic TT! :-) Susan