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Today I'm sharing a project I'm working on, it is also my New Year's Resolution to finish this book.

This book is a testament of my life. I am now working on recording it in this notebook. My goal is to finish it this month! I'm showing it to you before it is completed because you may want to do it along with me!

The following was in our church bulletin a few weeks ago. I want to do this and started the rough draft. First, I've printed it out and writing down things as they come to me, then I'm going to write them in the book above. I will leave blank pages in between each subject to add things later if I think of new things to say. Would you like to join me in this project?

From the bulletin:
During the last weeks of the year think about the end of time. The phrase “the end of time” may strike a chord of fear in us. A picture of a fearsome, prophetic looking man with a sign around his neck that says “the end is near!” You better pray harder!” is part of our popular culture.

For us, death is a friend, a gateway to hope.

St. Margaret of Colonna said on her deathbed, “I thank Thee, dear Lord, for having permitted my body to become weak and infirm, so that I could the more freely return my soul to Thee.”

Death is our return to God, our birth into the fullness of life promised by Jesus Christ.

To help us enter into the mystery of the end of time, I would like to share with you a reflection exercise by the Jesuit writer Anthony de Mello, a priest who conducted workshops throughout the world on the subject of prayer and reflective living. This reflection tool helps us to write down the story of our life. Writing down our personal story is the best gift we can give to our families. (Al Esposito)
A Testament
I imagine that today I am to die.
I ask for time to be alone and write down for my family/friends a testament for which the points that follow could serve as chapter titles.

“To reveal myself openly and honestly takes the rawest kind of courage – (John Powell, SJ)

1. These things I have loved in life (things I tasted, looked at, smelled, heard, touched):

2. These experiences I have cherished:

3. These ideas have brought me liberation:

4. These beliefs I have outgrown:

5. These convictions I have lived by:

6. These are the things I have lived for:

7. These insights I have gained in the school of life
( insights into God, the world, human nature, Jesus Christ, love, religion, prayer):

8. These risks I took, these dangers I courted:

9. These sufferings have seasoned me:

10. These lessons life has taught me:

11. These influences have shaped my life (persons, occupations, books, events):

12. These things I regret about my life:

13. These scripture texts have lit my path:

14. These are my life’s achievements:

15. These persons are enshrined within my heart:

16. These are my unfulfilled desires:

Choose an ending for my testament. A poem (my own or someone else’s), a prayer, a sketch or picture (from a magazine, etc.) a scripture text, or anything that would be an apt conclusion to my testament.
Set a goal, a deadline for completion.

Every new year I assess the past year of my life. I don't want to remain the same year after year. I try to do something new to make my life better and make my family's life better. My New Year's resolution is to complete this project, hopefully during January. I want to leave this for my children. Maybe they will do the same! Perhaps you may want to join me in this project, hopefully it has inspired you to leave something like this for your children or friends.

Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers! I'm very thankful for the friendships I have made through blogging. I have learned so much through visiting with you! I have met a few of you in person and I hope someday I may meet even more.

May you have a very blessed 2009!!

I am taking a blogger break, going to visit grandbabies!! I'll try to check in a few times if I can get online. I look forward to getting back to normal in a few weeks!


La Tea Dah said...

(response to this excellent post; on your other blog)

Katherine, yes, I did take my tea set outside to the snow! I loved the white on white effect. Can you tell it's a doll size tea set rather than a regular one? I got it from my dad on my birthday acouple years ago.

The snow is leaving. . .soon the 'bleak' days of winter.

:) LaTeaDah

Mary said...


This is a terrific idea. I started something similar years ago and have five journals that will be passed down to my daughter and grandsons. However, I may start another one and use these points. Thank you, my friend, for the idea.

Happy New Year. I wish you abundant blessings throughout 2009 Enjoy your grandbabies. I will pray for a safe journey.


God's Girl said...

Wow! This is such a wonderful idea. I love it. Your book is going to be beautiful!

Thanks for sharing this idea.

May the Lord pour out His sweet blessings on you this year.

Mary said...


I just came back to answer your question. The Huntsville we visited was Huntsville, Ontario.

Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful book and great project.

Happy Show n Tell Friday, and happy new year.

Smilingsal said...

This is a worthy idea. I like to think of my blog as my writing for future family members to read. Happy Show 'n Tell Friday.

Sandra said...

I have thought about doing this very same thing recently. Good idea.

Carla said...

First off let me say, what a beautiful book! Then let me say, what a beautiful idea! This would be so great as chapters for my everyday journal!!! What a treasure yours will become, inside and out:)

Heidi Pocketbook said...

The journal itself is beautiful! I love the ideas you are implementing in it.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful idea. Your book will be lovely when it is completed.

Angie said...

What a great idea... it will be a wonderful thing to look back on.

Clif said...

Good post! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I have read The Shack and I'm glad I did. I think we all should stay informed as to what others are reading and thinking and believe me people are reading this book! I found it very strange in the beginning but after sticking with it I came to appreciate what the author was doing. I think you will too. However, many love it and others hate it. I believe it could be helpful to those who have suffered a lot and can't seem to trust God anymore, if ever. Have a wonderful time away. Stay safe.

JanMary said...

Beautiful book, and what a wonderful challenge.

I pray you will be blessed by completing it, and others blessed when they read it.

Happy New Year from Northern Ireland.

Scrapdolly said...

What an incredible thing to be making

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

This is a wonderful idea! My very favorite uncle used to keep journals and journal every day, so when he did pass (I still miss him) his family could look upon what he felt on any given day. When my brother was diagnosed with his cancer and told he was terminal, he also decided to journal and what he left behind was a precious gift for his seven children & wife.
I know your notebook/journal will be treasured by your family. Enjoy your time with your grandbabies! We'll see you when you return!

Love Bears All Things said...

I think this is something I would like to do.
Thanks, Enjoy the babies.
Mama Bear

Lady Katherine said...

I love the journal,all the flowers on it are beautiful. I do not have a journal as lovely as yours. I am trying to write journals... for the last few years, for my children and grandchildren. You are almost finished?.... Wow, I must write too much. lol I have been printing my blog out too, for there is somethings, they will know from it.

Joy said...

What a wonderful idea and something you and your family will cherish thru the years.

Kelli said...

What a wonderful idea and it's such a beautiful book! Have a fun time visiting your grandbabies!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Katherine what a beautiful project! I'm sure you will finish it and it will be awesome. What a wonderful book for your family and friends to enjoy.

Just catching up on your blog, whew! What a shame about your closet shelf.. ack! And your thumb brace; I'm sure you're having to wear it often when doing holiday prep.

Loved seeing your new Nativities. I really like the Hallmark one. I still love your Hobby Lobby one too.

Hmm... You might have my mom beat on her Santa collection!
And those snowmen are so cute. I have a candle holder like the one with the skies~

It's nice you got to meet your friend Rose. GREAT photos of you two! You look devine in that plum velvet girl!!

OH! That live cross is just GORGEOUS from Caden! I think I'm going to steal that idea for my inlaws next year, I know my MIL would love it.

Julieann said...

Ohhh--It is just lovely and such a nice idea:)


nannykim said...

Wow, that is an awfully big ambition--to get that completed!! It is very thought provoking!!

Rhondi said...

Hi Katherine
That is a great idea, leaving a record of your life after you die. Maybe I'll do that too.
I'm sure you'll have a great time with the grandbabies.
Hugs, Rhondi

Susan said...


THANK YOU for the inspiration.. I will talk about this on my blog and link it to yours. I am SO going to do this....Your journal is just breathtaking!