Super Bowl

Any Super Bowl fans out there? We aren't really into sports much and don't watch it. I do usually know who the two teams competing are though. And, I do get in a mood for Super Bowl snacks! I'm going to have to go out and buy some onion dip and potato chips! I never eat that, but I'm craving some now! I'm not into "wings" either, I don't care for hot and spicy food. I also have sort of a tradition of making soup on Super Bowl Sunday, get it? "Soup" on "Souper Bowl" day!! LOL! I'm planning to make some Amish white bean and ham soup. We are having more chilly days here so it's a good time for it.

Sometimes I do turn on the TV to the Super Bowl just to try to catch the commercials, they are usually pretty cute and different. I've been hearing there's some controversy about some of the commercials, and one about "vegetables" was banned! I saw it on FoxNews, and it was rather raunchy, I'm glad it was banned!

What are you doing tomorrow afternoon on Super Bowl day? Sounds like a good day to go to TJ Maxx, or a fun place like that, huh?



Kelli said...

Hehe...I love that cartoon. I have no plans to watch the game tomorrow. Especially since it's Grace's birthday!

Susan said...

We are having my son Ede's and my combined family birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday..I know my husband plans on watching it in the evening..
I not as into football as I am basketball. I really LOVE basketball.
I love the SOUP for super bowl Sunday. I have a big bowl and the inside is like the inside of a stadium and the outside says souper bowl on it...Just one..the other one broke..I have had it for years and years..

Rosemary said...

We're planning on taking our 87-year old father to the Marine Museum in VA tomorrow. A WWII Marine veteran, he has been wanting to go to the museum. When we made the arrangements, we didn't give any thought to SuperBowl Sunday. A football fan too, he's hoping we get him back in time to watch the game! We should be back in time, but I predict he will sleep thru most of it!

Adrienne said...

I love to watch the game with my sweetheart but haven't for many years. I've always taken my mother somewhere so the guys can watch the game without the women talking and bothering them. This year I had planned to take her and my cousin somewhere while my cousin's husband and my sweetheart watched the game at our house. Plans have changed because I have a bad cold - everyone is staying at their own homes and watching the game. Or not! So, for the first time in a long I get to watch the game with my sweetheart - while I'm blowing and sneezing and coughing!

ceekay said...

I don't care a bit about the Super Bowl except I must make an exception this year. Go Cards. My grandson so wants them to win...and grandma has to get him the T-shirt!!

Anonymous said...

Cute cartoon. Ordinarily I couldn't care less about the Super Bowl but I'm going to watch it this time because our Arizona Cardinals are playing there for the very first time. Hubby made some salsa and we're gonna have chips and salsa and homemade tacos and burritos.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the generous offer of the antique doll head and chest. Twenty years ago I would have been tickled to death to get them and fix them. When I made my dolls I had hopes of someday passing them on to my grandchildren, but alas, no grandchildren. So, as it is I'm wondering what I'm gonna do with all the dolls that I have. My daughter has a few that I made for her but she really doesn't want any more. I've thought about trying to sell them on e-Bay but I'm not ready to do that. I guess I'll just keep enjoying them for the time being. I really appreciate you thinking of me. It almost tempts me to do it but I think I'd better not.

Susie said...

We don't usually watch more than a bit of the super bowl. Love all the food bargains and yummy snack foods though!

Debbie @ said...

Hahahaha...Oh I love this! what a great cartoon. My father raised me to love I do love the Superbowl, but I love a clean toilet too! Hahahaha...this is a great post!

La Tea Dah said...

Cute joke!

I like to go to the craft store on Super Bowl Sunday. Town is quiet except for the sisterhood of women at the craft store!

:) LaTeaDah

JudyBug said...

Soup for the "Souper Bowl? Just too cute. Bean soup sounds yummy too! We weren't in to this one so much...Cowboys fan but watched anyway.

Rosemary said...

Hi Katherine!
Yes! We went to the musuem (excellent portrayal of our fighting men in uniform and the battles they have fought) And we got him home in time for the SuperBowl. He even was awake for the entire exciting game! But he tells me he 'sure did sleep good' that night!

Becky said...

I LOVE a good football game ... but this joke is hilarious through and through.