Show and Tell

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell.

I've been participating in Kelli's Giving Thanks all week and will continue to show my Thanksgiving decorations. Today I'm sharing my Pilgrim collection. Go here to Kelli's for more Show and Tell.

I found this cute little Pilgrim rag doll at TJ Maxx this year. He was only $6.99 so I had to buy him! There wasn't a lady pilgrim to go with him.
He sits on the small curio cabinet with the cornucopia and ceramic turkey.
The two little Pilgrims above are flat on the back, they sit on a ledge in our house. I think I found them at a craft show.

You can see how tiny the two little Pilgrims above are. I don't remember where I found these, I've had them a long time. They also sit on the narrow ledge.

These little Pilgrims are salt and pepper shakers. The hot pad is in the back. A grocery store here sells these every year. I haven't been there this year to see if they have anything new this year.
A close-up of them. Last year they had an animated TV commercial with these little cuties.

Here's a craft that would be easy to make. It's a Pilgrim hat made from the craft foam. I think it could also be used around a flower pot, or another round container.

Here's the backside of the hat, with elastic attached. I bought this hat, and the turkey hat I shared on Thursday, for my two-year-old grandson, Caden, who is coming for Thanksgiving! I hope he will let us take a picture of him wearing the hats!

You are invited to see the last four days of my Thanksgiving posts, just keep scrolling down. Tomorrow I will share my Thanksgiving Indian, please come back to see her!



ceekay said...

I sure hope you get those pictures of your grandson in the hats...I KNOW you want them!
I will be anxious to see. Did you see the lovely pilgrims at Cracker Barrel? I hear them calling, but I am trying to turn a deaf ear!

Anonymous said...

Very cute decorations! Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Cute Pilgrims, Katherine!
Happy Thanksgiving...

Jewelgirl said...

Adorable pilgrims, what a wonderful
mix of personalities. The pilgrim
with the Turkey is cute, I would of
purchased him also!

Carrie said...

A delightful collection.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your pilgrims are adorable!! I have three sets of pilgrims, but not nearly as many Thanksgiving decorations as you do! They are lovely!

Betty said...

I like your pilgrims who so adequately depict Thanksgiving....they knew first hand about thanksgiving.....Betty

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Ooooooohhhhhh...What "cuties" you have.

Happy Thanksgiving!

You should take another look at my Fireplace...I noticed in the middle of the night that it wasn't "working"...and now it's all fixed.


Hootin' Anni said...

I LOVE LOVE the two little black ones that sit on the ledge!

Come view my show n tell if you can find time. It's a new 'hobby' of mine started just this past week. Happy Friday, happy weekend.

A Hint of Home said...

Your collection of pilgrims are adorable. I hope you get Caden in all those cute hats and post them sometime.

Alice said...

I can't wait to see Caden wearing the pilgrim hat. What a sweet picture that will make for you to enjoy for years to come. How nice your family is coming to you so you don't have to travel at this busy season.

JudyBug said...

I understand why you had to buy the pilgrim at cute!

Anonymous said...

Your little pilgrims are all so cute. The hat is a unique idea. Will be looking for pictures of your grandson
wearing it. It will be so cute.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Very cute! The salt and pepper shakers are my favorite :)

Mrs. Miles said...

Your decorations are simply lovely. Looks so cosy!

Do you start decorating for Christmas as soon as these come down?

You certainly put everything together nicely!

Barbara H. said...

Those are so cute! That reminds me I need to get mine out of the attic!

Michelle said...

Your dolls are precious. I love the little pilgrim from TJ Maxx. I find so many great things there and I love that they're inexpensive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine,

I was just going to visit you, and noticed that you have left a comment for me. Thank you for the kind comment. Your pilgrim collection is absolutely cute and lovely! I have long thought about starting a pilgrim collection - you have just inspired me! Thanks you for showing them to us.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Joy said...

What cute pilgrim dolls you have! I have a couple wooden one's that my Dad made for me but that is about it.

PEA said...

Such a darling collection of pilgrims! We don't see those in our stores here because Pilgrims are not part of our Thanksgiving tradition here in Canada...harvest is:-) I've just caught up with your last few posts and you do have some delightful Thanksgiving decorations. Hmmmm I should cross the border so that I can celebrate Thanksgiving all over again! hehe xoxo

Jules said...

I love your pilgrams! I looked and looked around here for some, but only found indians- which i already have plenty of b/c I collected them when I was young. You have some wonderful collections. :o)

Clare said...

What wonderful ornaments. They are so beautful. I just love wood it gives a warmth.

Susie Homemaker said...

Hi Katherine,
Your pilgrims are so cute...I hope the little one cooperates with the hats...that will be such a cute picture!


Lisa Ann said...

What charming decorations.

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Katherine,
I like your Thanksgiving decorations. The Pilgrims are cute. Perfect for Thanksgiving!
Have a great day!
Love, Ann

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Your Thanksgiving trinkets are all adorable!

Kelli said...

Your pilgims are adorable and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!