Giving Thanks - Thursday

Go here to Kelli's for more Thanksgiving fun. Today I'm sharing turkeys I use in my decor. Also at the bottom I am sharing three turkey crafts you can make.

I bought the turkey, above, at Hobby Lobby last year. This year I added the Give Thanks sign also from Hobby. (See below:)

The "Give Thanks" is fashioned from metal.

The large wicker basket turkey is filled with silk florals. I made this years ago and display it every Thanksgiving.
A close-up of the wicker turkey.

The wicker turkey above is smaller and is filled with purple toned silk florals.

A close-up of the smaller wicker turkey. Notice they both have lace bibs with ribbon bows and pearls!

The turkey above is made from a mushroom.

A small turkey tea pot.

Three Turkeys

On the night before Thanksgiving

When I had gone to bed

I heard three turkey gobblers

And this is what they said.

The first turkey said I think I'll find a tree

And hide up in the branchesWhere no one will see.

The second turkey said I think that I will go

And hide behind the haystack

Where no one will know

The third turkey said I think it would be fun

To hide the farmer's hatchet

And run, run, run, run.

Then on Thanksgiving morning

When the farmer came around

Those three turkey gobblers

were nowhere to be found!

Author Unknown

Thank you for your interest, I hope you enjoyed meeting my turkeys! Tomorrow I will show more Thanksgiving home decor (Indians and Pilgrims.) Also see the turkey crafts below!


Turkey Crafts

My grandson made me this silk leaf turkey pin many years ago. I still wear it! I think it would be easy to make: supplies: silk leaf, popsickle stick, brown pipe cleaner, wobble eyes, paint, pin back.

Glue a pin to the back of the leaf after it is decorated.

I bought this cute little flower pot turkey at a craft show. Some of you crafty people could probably man one like him, using wood cutouts with the mini flower pot.

I'm showing this side for you to see how the round circle is glued inside the flower pot.

I bought this turkey hat for my grandson, Caden, age 2. He is coming for Thanksgiving. I hope he will wear it long enough to take a picture! I bought it at Target for a dollar. It is made of foam cutouts, I think it would be easy to make. Below, see the back side with elastic band attached.

Happy crafting!!


Jules said...

Love your turkeys and poem! That was a fun one! :o)

Charlotte said...

Cute post. I like the poem. The turkey in the first picture is about the fanciest turkey I've ever seen. I like the sign too.
Happy Thankful Thursday,

Susie Homemaker said...

your Turkeys go from beatiful to cute!! I love them all!


Linda C said...

I love your turkey decorations and your craft ideas! The leaf pin is precious:)
Linda C

Wanita said...

What cute turkeys. I love the turkey pin. What a great craft idea!


ladybugsmom said...

I love the turkey tea pot! And I have added that cute little pin to my idea folder for next year's favor. Thanks for sharing

Barbara H. said...

These are all great! You have quite the collection of turkeys! And all those craft items are really cute, especially that pin.

A Hint of Home said...

All your Thanksgiving decor is very pretty.

I hope Caden will let you get a cute picture of him.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ceekay said...

Don't you just wish we could run over to each other's home and see the things in person and have real tea together....You have beautiful thanksgiving items...I can't wait for Christmas!

Jenn said...

Wow, those are some neat crafts! I had a good time reading your post, thanks!

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Katherine,
I forgot to tell you that Ceekay posted on a recent blog how she, Mimi and I know each other.

Carrie said...

It's always fun to see your collections, Katherine. I also enjoyed the poem.