Show and Tell - ChineseTeas

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go there for lots more interesting and fun items. Today in keeping with the tea theme I've had this week, and National Hot Tea Month, I'm showing the tea pot and cups my husband and I use when we eat Chinese food and drink Oolong tea. We bought the tins of teas when we were in China Town, in San Francisco. The teas are L to R: Jasmine, Oolong, and Green Tea. Other tins we have are - LukOn Tea, Shou Mei Tea, and Tikuanyin Tea.

This is not the Show and Tell I had planned to do, but my digital camera won't let me download the pictures! If my husband can fix it, I'll load them later!

More tea time items and tea information follow this, for those of you who have not seen those.

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Jessica said...

I enjoyed your S&T today and especially the post about decaffeinated tea. I found that info interesting.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful set! I wish I could pop over for some nice hot tea with you!

Hugs, Sharon

Betty said...

A beautiful teaset...and a husband who likes hot husband likes iced tea.....I enjoy reading your blog informative....Betty

Hootin' Anni said...

I read about the 'National Tea Month' on another blog...I never knew this little ditty. I'm one for sun tea myself.

I love your tea cannisters and chopstick display along with your white ceramic tea set...great stuff!!!

My show n tell is posted. Drop in for a visit if you can find time, I love visitors. :o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tea set. That's a neat idea to use them like that.

LBP said...

What a pretty tea set.



Alice said...

There is something special about holding a tea cup without a handle, isn't there. Those little tea canisters are so pretty and they must keep the tea fresh too.

Lallee said...

I've really enjoyed your tea series. You might make me a traditional tea drinker yet ;-) I always enjoy tea when we eat Chinese out.

Anita said...

Yes, what a nice tea set you have! And I did not know that you celebrate your national hot tea month in the US.

Guess what's standing next to my PC right now as I am writing these lines! A cup of hot lemon tea!

Have a great week-end, Katherine!

ellen b. said...

You have quite a wonderful collection of tea items. How fun. I hope you figure out your photo issues soon, too. Technology can be so frustrating...makes you appreciate your simple tea times more.

Daughter of the King said...

oh....this is so neat...thanks for sharing..

Penless Thoughts said...

Neat! Do you use the chopsticks?