January - National Hot Tea Month

I just came from La Tea Dah's Gracious Hospitality blog where I learned about January being National Hot Tea Month! Now you would think I would have known that since I am such a big fan of hot tea! I drink hot tea for breakfast every morning 365 days a year! Yes, I live in Florida, but it never gets too hot here for my breakfast hot tea! I especially enjoy our cooler months (October through April) when I can enjoy hot tea all during the day without the air conditioner going!

The little snowman tea pot above just came to live with me last Friday. I saw him all alone on a shelf at Ross, for only $1.99!! Now how could I resist him at that price! I'm also showing some of my favorite teas. Harney and Sons teas are top on my list of favorites. The Twinings Christmas Tea was purchased when we were at Hilton Head recently. I also like the fact they still call it Christmas Tea and not Holiday tea (I'm disappointed Harney and Sons changed their Christmas Tea to Holiday Tea.)

Was it a coincidence I decided today to feature new tea cup from my collection once a week? Check out the side bar weekly to find it.

Being an avid collector, I also collect different brands and flavors of teas. I will also share my "tea stash!" I always look for new teas when we travel, I prefer loose teas, but sometimes have to settle for tea bags. I also have to use decaffienated tea, but if it isn't available, I use the method to decaf it mself. (Ask me if you don't know this trick!) I wish you could come join me in person for a cup of tea, but since that may be impossible, I'll show pictures.

I'm wondering if you would like to join me (and La Tea Dah) in saluting National Hot Tea Month, by posting something on your blog about hot tea during January. I wish I knew how to do a "Mr. Linky" to have everybody's name in one place, but since I don't know how to do that, please leave a comment that you are doing it so I can visit and tell others to visit your blog as well! Or if someone else knows how to do Mr. Linky, do it on your blog and I'll join you.

Let's all lift our cups to National Hot Tea Month! What flavor are you drinking today? I'm enjoying the H&S "Hot Cinnamon Spiced!" Yum!

Thank you!


Check out this cute National Hot Tea Month blog, click here:


Kelli said...

Happy National Hot Tea month, Katherine! I love your new little snowman teapot, how cute!!

Phillip set me up with Mr Linky and I know he used the free "Original Auto Linkies" option. You should recieve a code to copy and paste into your post. I don't know if you use the firefox browser, but if so, the Mr. Linky code will show up when you are in "Edit Html" but if you switch to "compose" or "preview" you won't see the code or the Mr. Linky box, but it's still there! Feel free to email me if you have any more questions and I'll try to help!

Alice said...

Happy Hot Tea Month! I'm having a cup of Jasmine Pearl tea at the moment. It always reminds me of honeysuckle and I love it. I'll be sure to post something in my blog to celebrate Hot Tea.

Cookie Sunshine said...

I like knowing that January is National Hot Tea Month. Maybe we should all celebrate by having a tea party with a group of special friends. Thanks so much for sharing this information! Your little tea pot is very sweet.
- Cookie Sunshine

Esther Sunday said...

Tea you say? I grew up on the stuff. My mother is from Scotland and my dad from Wales, so it was a staple in our home. "A nice cuppa tea" was always made and given during any times of crisis! I drink tea everyday still, but now it is decaf green tea - love the stuff. Hot too - always! Love, Esther

Betty said...

I love snowmen, and the snowman tea pot is just adorable. Thanks for sharing that.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

The snowman teapot is adorable and so festive looking! I also love the Old Country Roses teacup and saucer that you showed in your post below! It is a beautiful pattern! Happy National Hot Tea month!
Southern Lady's Vintage

Penless Thoughts said...

What an adorable tea pot. I couldn't have resisted either.

La Tea Dah said...

Thanks for the link, Katherine. I love your new teapot. It's adorable! I will post a picture of my new teapot as well. I received one from my son for Christmas --- made in St. Petersburg, Russia. It's really beautiful.