Double Decker Bus Tea Pot

Since it is National Hot Tea Month I want to show you this cute tea pot I gave to my friend recently. She has a Christmas birthday, so I gave her this for birthday and Christmas! She has a tea pot collection and has them displayed all across the tops of her kitchen cabinets. She has been to London and loved this double decker bus!

Thank you for your interest, please leave a comment! And please do return soon!



Jeanette said...

Hi Katherine im back, Oh i would love to make a cuppa in this double decker bus. also looks like you exchange some lovely gifts at your meeting with a blogger friend,,, Jen

Nora Lee said...

Katherine, thank you for stopping by my blog "Nora Lee's Nook". I love your tea cups and pots! Stop by again.


Hope said...

Hi Katherine,
Whew..I finally found your guest room and I'm in heaven! It is gorgeous and I know I'll rest well there!!

I took the whole (virtual) tour of your home (my mother would say I was prowling around and would have punished me with her switch!)and I felt just like I was in a yellow rose garden!! I could smell them everywhere!! Wonderful!!

Thanks for inviting me over. I definitely enjoyed my stay! :)


Adrienne said...

Hi, Katherine -

What a fantastic teapot! I especially love your teacup. Of course you know I love yellow roses so what can I say?

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me on my blog. I like your thoughts about some flocking on the bunny's ear. That's something I hadn't thought of. My grandkids would want to pet the bunny!

I'll be back to check in with you again soon. You're on my daily list.


Kelli said...

Oh, that is too cute! I'll bet your friend loved it!

Alice said...

Kaherine, please stop by my blog to pick up a "You make my day" award that I've tagged you with. You really do make my day with each new post.

Mary said...


I love teapots and I love this one. Where in the world did you find it?

I was in a Cracker Barrel in Florida and found the most darling rabbit teapot and a matching cream and sugar. I splurged and bought it. I have a cow teapot my friend gave to me, a Tim Horton's teapot, one that matches my corelle dinnerware and I'm always on the lookout for others in flea markets and garage sales.

Thanks for showing us this very unique teapot. I'm sure your friend loves it.


Carrie said...

This teapot is really special. A great gift for your friend.

Southern Heart said...

What an adorable and special teapot! I'm sure that your friend loved it!

Betty said...

I'm envious of your teapot!

Enjoyed my visit...Betty

Lallee said...

That's adorable. Your friend must have been thrilled!