Meeting Internet Friends

Beautiful Florida weather in January!

I have a lot of friends I have met on the internet. Most of us have never met, but still feel like close friends from sharing our lives together through groups, emails, and blogs. It is such a joy to finally get to meet some of these friends in person. One of these joyous occasions happened last Thursday when a dear internet friend came to Florida from Ohio on business with her husband. We just couldn't let this opportunity of meeting pass, so Laura and I, who met each other a few years ago drove from opposite sides of the state to meet Susan in Orlando! That's Susan and Laura, above.

We brought surprise gifts!

You will see these later on our blogs

We brought chocolates - raspberry parfait with dark chocolate!

We ate a tropical lunch!

At a very tropical restaurant!

We felt as though we had known each other for years, I think this comes from having so much in common with each other. We all enjoy decorating, vintage and Victorian things, and of course our common bond of being Christians and loving the Lord.


Added note: See more pictures of our meeting on Lallee's blog Lallee's Cottage


Esther Sunday said...

How fun! Thanks for the report!
Love, Esther

Kelli said...

It looks like you and Susan had such a fun time! I have met several blogging and internet friends and it's always exciting.

Betty said...

I enjoyed reading your post today and viewing the pictures. I have met a few of my internet friends, and there's nothing like it. Of course, some members of my family don't like for me to meet people I don't know because they are afraid for me. People who have not had the experience just don't understand, but it's the neatest thing.

Mary said...

What wonderful photos. I'm glad you finally got to meet some friends from out of state. I wish you and I had made arrangements to meet for a coffee or lunch. Hubby still wants to come back, so maybe next time. What part of Florida do you live in? We stayed at the Ramada Inn on 192, not far from Disney.

Cathy said...

That is so neat, and it looks like you had a delightful time.

Martie said...

Looks like fun!!

Oh, by the way - I've tagged you. If you want to participate come over to my place for the details. Hope you are having a good week.


Lallee said...

It was a beautiful day indeed! I loved being with both of you!