Santa Themed Christmas Tree

This year instead of having a large Christmas tree I have decorated seven small themed trees. The themes are Santas, Snowmen, Tea Cups, Teddybears, Victorian, Angels, and Nativity. I hope to feature all of these trees on the blog.

Here are some photos of my Santa tree up close.

Ornaments: Top left - red glass rocking horse. Below it is a Santa on a unicycle. On the right, is a Santa dressed in white behind the little Christmas tree that has a metal snowflake dangling on the bottom. There's a little bird at the top and a little bunny at the base. It is carved wood by P. S. Chiffer, they are always woodland themes. The long narrow white ornament below is another P. S. Chiffer. It has a Santa dressed in white standing against a birch tree. There's a woodpecker on the back of the tree!

Bottom left is a San Francisco cable car. I have also added a few other items to the Santa tree.

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