Christmas Lights

We don't have any fancy Christmas lights outside in our yard, so I thought I would show you my neighbor's yard since they have a new horse and carriage display. Isn't it beautiful!

It's raining tonight in Florida and a cold front is moving in, but it isn't as cold as it looks in these pictures! That's not snow, but raindrops! Those are palm trees wrapped in lights.

Becca, if you can go outside in the cold when you are sick and take pictures, I figured I could go out in the rain to take these! I did use any umbrella though!

I couldn't decide which of these pictures to use, so I'm using both of them!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That is really pretty! Those raindrops look just like snow, and add a magical touch to your photos. Thank you for sharing! :)

Mary said...

Very pretty. Are those raindrops? I thought they might be stars in the sky. If they are, you have a beautiful starlit night but if it is raining, the sky is probably not clear, duh!! Oh well, I like to think they are stars!