Whimsical Tree

Our whimsical tree is in the foyer beside the hall tree. I like these cute and silly ornaments. This purple reindeer is a favorite. I bought him at Pier 1 about two years ago.


Mary said...

I really like your whimsical tree and the snowman tree is adorable also. You have so many Santa's, all different, they look so pretty hanging on the doorknobs. I always love seeing that Florida snowman. That is one of my favorites. Everything looks so green and pretty there. The bench looks great there.

Yellow Roses said...

Thank you, Mary, for commenting so faithfully on my blog! I really appreciate it!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your whimsy tree is an absolute delight! I like how you have the snow tucked in among the branches; it makes a wonderful backdrop! I think this tree could win a prize! :)