Surprises over the week

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend, ours was very quiet, no company so we bought deli food and didn't cook! (Rotisserie chicken, Southern potato salad, baked beans, slaw, watermelon, and apple pie! ) It was all delicious, we also went to Steak and Shake one night (in lieu of a cookout!)
We watched Macy's NY fireworks on TV instead of battling the traffic to see them on the beach! We are living the good life here in Florida! LOL! Even though we had an uneventful holiday weekend, we have had some excitement over the week!

My husband has been painting the trim on our house (yellow, of course!) I usually keep this wall pocket (above) on our front door filled with seasonal silk flowers. This is the way the spring flowers looked.

Hubby took the wall pocket off the door and placed it inside on the foyer floor. I planned to paint the wall pocket a new color and I wasn't in a hurry to change the flowers in it until after I got around to painting it.

We started finding wasps in our house, the total over a few days came to five. We started looking on the high shelves to see if there was a wasp nest in the house, but couldn't find anything. Last night I was sitting at my computer and looked over at the wall pocket on the floor of the foyer, and a thought came to mind! Could it be?? Yep, there was a wasp nest in the wall pocket!!! I'm so thankful I didn't decide to change those flowers, because I always have just stuck my hand in and grabbed the flowers and pulled them from the styrofoam! I could have had a hand full of wasps! Yikes! My husband very carefully pulled the flowers out, but saw no nest, then he took a stick and knocked the styrofoam out and there was the nest under the styrofoam!! I have heard of people getting bird's nests built in their door wreaths, and that would be sweet, but wasps are not welcome!!

Now I have always thought of my husband as my hero, but this just reinforced my thoughts! Wait! There's more!! Last week while he was painting outside, he would leave the garage door open. One morning while he was painting I opened the laundry room door (to the garage) and there was a five-foot brown snake in the garage!!!! I am not an adventurous woman who likes snakes and is curious about them! No, I HATE snakes, I'm terrified of snakes!! Well, to make a long story short, my hero husband chased the snake down the street with a pole. He will not kill anything (I wanted him to kill it as it was probably poisonous!) Now I am paranoid and keep thinking I see snakes everywhere! But we laugh now and joke about him walking the snake down the street like a pet! LOL!

I'm ready to get back to my uneventful retired life!

How was your holiday weekend?

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Lady Katherine said...

Thanks for inviting me over to follow! I did not know your in Florida now. Love the flowers, Glad you found the wasp! Hubby says snakes sometimes come in by the dryer vent. Maybe why you got one. Check the vent make sure it is OK. I can't stand them either. I hope I do not dream of them. LOL

Charlotte said...

The flowers were very pretty. I guess the wasps liked them too. I don't like snakes either, but a rat would freak me out much sooner than a snake unless it was a rattlesnake of course. Then I would prefer the rat.
I'm glad you had a nice weekend.

Connie said...

I added my name to "Followers", chickee, but I also have you on my Google Reader. Gosh, I'll never miss a thing you say now!

printersdevil said...

Thanks for stopping by Playing Dishes. I've added your name to the giveaway lists for the week. Be sure to come back by and visit each week for more chances to win. I hope you post a table next week for CIJ either from this celebration or from your files.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Finding wasps or snakes in your home are NOT pleasant surprises! :)
That had to be a sight, your hubby "walking" the snake down the street!

Lallee said...

Snakes and now wasps? We're going to have to rename Joe The Exterminator ;-) He is your super hero! Glad you weren't. By the way....speaking of yellow....I bought a yellow Knockout Rose at Lowes this week. You would love them. Do you have room for one somewhere?

A Romantic Porch said...

aaakkkk, snakes and wasps. Watch out! Yes, I don't blame you for wanting the retired life instead! xo rachel

marty39 said...

Katherine, wasps and snakes are a bit much. I am so with you. I do not like wasps, bees, spiders or any kind of creatures in my house. It is really a blessing that you did not put your hand in the basket, you would have been stung a million times. To walk out and see a snake would definitely freak me out. I don't blame you for being leary. I would think I saw a snake everywhere too. I hope things do become calm and quiet for you. That's enough excitement for one week. Hugs, Marty

ceekay said...

Kat...Ro had the same thing happen to her basket on her front door!
And the snake...big time yuk!!

Ashley ~ said...

YUCK for that snake ~ but the basket of flowers are SO pretty and colorful*! _Ashley*

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I'm glad no one got stung. If I ever saw a snake in my house I think I would move. I am absoulutely phobic about snakes. SCREAM!

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Kathy,
As Ceekay said above, It happened to me, only I did stick my hand in and got stung right away. I had already brought it into the house to redo the flowers and they all came out. About 20 wasps. My hand was swelling and hurting so bad, I could barely throw the basket outside. We have that two story foyer and they were already flying up 20 ft. I ran up to shut our bedroom door. lol I'm glad you were ok. We have seen no snakes but Sarah has.

Lallee said...

Beautiful colors together. I love green, especially your chartreuse flowers. Your OCR looks gorgeous on the new cloth!!!!