Show and Tell

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here to see many more fun things!

I had planned to share my dining room table centerpiece today, but the battery on the camera died, and I didn't know how to change/charge it, etc. My husband wasn't here to do it for me.

I'm using this as the centerpiece on our dining room table now along with several other things. Yesterday I participated in Thursday Tablescapes and shared the breakfast nook bluebird tablescape. Scroll down to the next post to see all the bluebirds!

What would you call this "surround" above? I bought it in a tea room in Williamsburg, VA last year. They didn't know what to call it either, and wrote "crown" on the receipt! LOL! It is shaped like a crown, but it has a little birds nest on top. How and what would you use this to display? As the centerpiece on the dining room table I placed in on a cake plate with the large birds nest and two little bluebirds inside. I will post it tomorrow night, I won't be online until tomorrow night, my husband is having foot surgery tomorrow and I have to drive him home.

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Jadehollow said...

Crown was my first thought lol. I can't wait to see it over the nest, I bet it's beautiful. I took a stroll down to your tablescape post.. very beautiful. I fell in love with the napkins tied with the ribbon and the dainty lil bird, so precious.
Thanks for sharing.
Will keep your husband in my prayers for his surgery tomorrow.
Blessed Hugs,

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Katherine,
I think this is one pretty centerpiece, I like unusual things, they make for great conversations, and two bluebirds are so pretty.

I will be praying for your husband and you tomorrow,that all goes well. Thank you for sharing.

Chari said...

Hi Katherine...

Hmmm...I'm not exactly sure what to call your pretty "crown-like" decoration either...but it's really pretty! It really does look like a crown to me! I love that it has a place for a tiny bird's nest on top!!! Love those baby blue birds too!

I had to take a peek at your beautiful Bluebird tablescape! It's gorgeous and you have some of the prettiest little blue birds!!! So very sweet!!! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us...

Warmest wishes,
Chari wishes for you husband and his foot surgery!

Hootin' Anni said...

To me it looks like a wire angel. I guess I'm odd, but that was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw it.

Your bluebirds below are so wonderful.!!!

My Show and Tell is Posted. Come on over to visit if you can find time today. Happy Friday.

Julie said...

How precious and whimsical!
Love the little blue birds :)
Will be praying your husbands surgery goes well!

Leann said...

I'll go with the rest of the gals and say a crown too:)

I love how you are using it. I've been here before and will most certainly be back ~ I love your style.


LBP said...

Yep! I would call it a crown too! Very cute with those little blue birds in it!



Picket said...

I think it looks like a crown and I love how it has the little bird nest on would be pretty sitting over anything....Have a great weekend!

Tea Time and Roses said...

It does look like a crown and a pretty one too! :o) I am not sure what it is but one thing for sure it looks wonderful on your table, and I just love the sweet little bird. And what lovely birds in your previous post, they are all just wonderful! :o)



Lori said...

Well it does look like a crown!! I love the little bird's nest! I'll look forward to seeing more pictures tomorrow!
Thank you!

Chandy said...

Beautiful centerpiece and your tablescape was wonderful!

This is my first time with this meme. So here's my link:

A Hint of Home said...

Your table looks great! Haven't seen one of those "crowns" before but it looks nice on your table.
What's up with hubby having foot surgery?? I hope all went well.
Still in CA and will blog in a wk or so.

Susie Homemaker said...

HMMMMM...I am going to go out on a limb and say crown...LOL! Maybe for over the bed with netting? I think it is great and your bluebirds are so darling!


Lisa Ann said...

Your centerpiece turned out lovely. Love it!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I'm playing catch up too. I always enjoy returning visits, it just takes me a bit to make the rounds. There's so many wonderful things to see.
Heather Ballard featured this crown on her blog and since she's the queen of design. I'm quoting her description...A wired nest.
I'd think it's more a wired crown cloche.
Whatever it's called it is so delicately charming.
Sweet wishes,