Busy Week

You may have to look at my bunnies for a few more days, as I have a busy week coming up and don't know when I'll have time to re-do my blog! In the meantime, I'll show a few of the bunnies that didn't get shown before Easter. The Dollar Tree bunnies above are displayed on top of our TV armoire in the family room.

My husband goes back to Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville, FL) two days this week for his six-month check-up. We're praying for a good report!

I like this little bunny (from Hobby Lobby) He looks like he could be praying! The sugar egg was a gift from Nikki several years ago, and it is still in great condition!

I had planned to paint and glitter these two little bunnies, but was afraid to use the glitter since I had just had my eye surgery.

I also have an Easter village that didn't get put up, I have shown it the past two years on my blog, it is in the archives.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, we did, it was quiet, but very nice. Please be patient until I have time to post again and think of something new to share! I also need to do a new banner, I hate to see this one go!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Love Bears All Things said...

Well, I am happy to look at the header for a while. It looks so vintage. I haven't quite learned how to do that yet.
Mama Bear

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Katherine; How cute are all of your bunnies, I love bunnies... The one from Hobby Lobby is just adorable. My prayers are with your hubby hoping he has a great check up.


Fifi Flowers said...

ADORABLE bunnies!

Adrienne said...

Praying that all will go well with the checkup and that the reports will be great! The bunnies can stick around awhile. No problem - it's Spring! ~Adrienne~

Carrie said...

Don't's a delight to see all your sweet bunnies.
All the best for a very favorable report from the clinic.
Take care,

A Hint of Home said...

I love your bunnies and it's still Spring so I wouldn't worry about taking them down yet. They are too cute. Praying for Joe and a good report.

La Tea Dah said...

All your bunnies are so cute. I hope you are feeling better and better after eye surgery. May your busy week go well!


Charlotte said...

Cute little bunnies. I know how you feel. Easter was over so fast. Seems like the decorations should have been up longer.
Your Easter posts are beautiful.