Old Country Roses Bunnies

As promised, here's my Old Country Roses bunnies. Above is the small tea pot, it's about 8" tall. That's a mini tea cup and saucer, and butter pats with it.

Isn't she a pretty bunny with the 3-D roses!

Below are the OCR bunny salt and pepper shakers. I just love the OCR tri-color rose design!

Today I mailed my tea bag, see below. I did add our names and return address before I mailed them (and stamps!) I also removed the tea leaves from the bags, and I enclosed a note, see below, and copy to use if you desire:

I enclose this tea bag as a protest against the passage of any further economic stimulus packages that provide money to businesses without provision for strict transparency and accountability in how that money is to be spent.

Tomorrow I'm having my second eye surgery, please pray for another success! Thank you!
Not sure how soon I'll be back online. I'm going to work on my Show and Tell tonight and have it ready to post tomorrow night, if I'm not "out of it!"

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Adrienne said...

What darling bunnies! I haven't seen any I like better. Praying for you tomorrow. Mailed our teabags today. ~Adrienne~

Anonymous said...

I Thank You! Katherine for sharing all your collections! I hope you know how trutly blessed you are. Happy Easter!

Susie said...

Your Country Roses bunnies are precious!
I hope all goes well with your eye surgery..

Connie said...

Those are adorable, honey. I love OCR pattern also.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, these are soooo darling. The bunny tea pot and salt and pepppers are gorgeous. I totally adore them.


Sandra said...

Those are just ADORABLE!!

PEA said...

Dearest Katherine,

Prayers that your eye surgery went well, please let us know as soon as you can get back to the computer! Your OCR bunny collection is just so precious, I've never seen any of those pieces before. xoxo