Window Shopping in New Orleans

I found some of the windows of shops in the French Quarter very interesting. Below is a typical display of N.O. masks and beads, etc. Check out those giagantic beads, bottom right!
The dolls (below) very so beautiful, I didn't dare go inside, I'm sure the prices were outrageous!

(Below:) The Fleur de Lis symbol is everywhere on jewelry, candlesticks, etc.

The dress shop (below) was more a costume shop. The gowns were gorgeous! Nikki, I thought of you when I saw this shop!

The below photo was taken at the only grocery store we found in the French Quarter, it shows popular N.O. (or Louisiana) products. The white and gold box is a beignet mix. I bought a box for my daughter, Ashleigh. I don't know if they have tried it yet or not.

Below is the corner store which is an A&P. I didn't even know A&P still existed.


Rhoda said...

Hi, Katherine, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to meet someone new, so I appreciate you leaving a comment. I've been to NO several times & the beignets are just wonderful!! Love Dumonds!

Southern Hospitality

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

Hi, Love the photos of New Orleans. I was headed there for a vactions when Katrina hit. So I never made it there. Someday????
Thanks for stopping by my blog, drop in anytime. Love to hear from everyone.

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Hi Katherine,

Looks like you had a lovely trip to New Orleans. Being from the north, I've never been there yet, but hope to one day. Thanks for the scenic tour!