Courtyard Dining

The Jazz Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters Restaurant in New Orleans was one of our favorite places to eat when we were there in June.This is the back entryway from Bourban Street the at the courtyard. The front entry is from Royal Street.
We assumed this statue is "Two Sisters." This was across from our table. Notice at top left, the large fan. Fans were everywhere, and so needed. The umbrellas also helped.
The jazz brunch music was a banjo and clairinet player. We ate there early in the week, the musicians change daily and they probably have more on weekends.This was taken before we visited the 80+ item buffet.

Yes, I'm about to try the crawfish! They weren't bad. That's a bowl of turtle soup, I didn't really care for it, but it's a must try when you're in New Orleans!
Another view of the beautiful courtyard. Below is a picture of the inside dining. As you can see the outside was preferred even though it was hot. We also ate at 1 p.m. when it wasn't so busy.

The Charm Gate is at the front entryway. Joe and I both touched it, so now we have charm!!


Lallee said...

Well, we'll never know if it's true about the gate because you and Joe were already charming ;-) I enjoyed the pictures. It looks like a very nice restaurant.

LTD said...

Beautiful place, I love the wrought iron gates etc. Lallee said what I was going to say that you were already charming!!!