We had the famous Brennan Brunch on Thursday at noon. Brennan's is only open Thursday through Sunday. The photos below are of Brennan's Courtyard. Brunch wasn't served outside in the courtyard, probably due to the intense heat.
Joe is standing beside the turtle pond. I didn't look on the menu to see if they served turtle soup!
The above photo has the Brennan's rooster statue. A rooster is the trademark for the Brennan's Brunch.

Below is the view of the courtyard from our table inside.
We didn't have the famous egg brunch, I chose seafood salad mainly because I wanted to order dessert! Brennan's is famous for Banana's Foster. I believe it was "created" first at Brennan's. I didn't try it though, I preferred the Strawberry Crepes.
Below Chef Erik prepares the Strawberry Crepes tableside.

Strawberry Crepes! They were delicious with a cream cheese filling!

Brennan's 417 Rue Royale

Many of these carriage posts were throughout the French Quarter. Quite a few were in front of Brennan's.

(Above:) Joe under the Brennan's awning. Four carriage posts are in front.

Bottom photo: Brennan's dining room. The wine cellar door is shown.

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Lallee said...

What a treat to go to Brennans. I would have to have had the Bananas Foster! I've been enjoying all the pictures!