More Beignets!

We like beignets so much we ate them more than once. We found the Cafe Beignet shop on Royal Street. It is so cute with the little "ice cream table and chairs!"
Cafe Beignet with the striped awning and a blackboard sign out front.

Cafe Beignet courtyard adjoining the cafe. It is next door to the police department!

We shared a muffaletta sandwich, this is another signature sandwich in N.O., it is similar to a po-boy or sub, but has a distinctive taste because it has an olive relish on it. It is served hot or cold. Joe wanted it hot. I think it had pastrami and two or three other meats on it. I was concentrating more on the beignets! On the day we left we went back to Cafe Beignet and bought 12 beignets to take home! They were kind enough to pack them for us special with the powdered sugar in a separate container. Actually we didn't take them home, we went to my daughter's house in Tallahassee, FL and ate them there! The beignets are deep fried, we heated each about 22 seconds in the microwaver then sprinkled them with the powdered sugar. They weren't bad! My grandsons and their parents did enjoy them!

The display above is at Cafe Beignet. The green boxes are beignet mixes. The purple and yellow boxes are king cake mixes. King Cakes are popular at Mardi Gras, it has a little toy (baby) baked inside!

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