Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is famous for the wonderful flavor, and because this is the only coffee grown in the United States. It is very expensive, so expensive you usually buy a bag with only 10 percent Kona coffee beans (and 90% "other." This is called Kona Blend) We thought Kona coffee was just one company, but Kona is a district and there's several Kona coffee companies. Most of them have tours giving the history.
My husband loves Kona coffee and we brought some bags of 100% coffee beans for him, and our children. (I'm strictly a tea drinker, but I do like to smell coffee!)
You can see the beans on the limbs here. They are not to be picked until they turn red. Then they are called "cherries," ripe for picking.

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JOY LYNN said...

what a great coffee plant..
Its been cold here and mine has nearly lost all its leaves..I love picking the beans(cherries) I also love the smell of coffee.
love your blog..