Afternoon Tea in Hawaii

When we travel we always try to find a tea room, my husband is very sweet about attending afternoon tea with me wherever we go. We tried to find a tea room, but were not successful, mainly because the times weren't good for us.

This is the closest we came to taking tea, but the time wasn't right for us. We visited The Hawaiian Vanilla Company at about 10 a.m., but they required a 24-hour reservation for the afternoon tea, and for the lunches.

We were allowed to take a mini tour without reservations (the full tour required reservations.) Some of the pictures of us with the tour guide telling us a little about growing the orchids that the vanilla beans come from. It was interesting that they do their own pollinating by hand. The

We didn't buy the vanilla because it was $15 a bottle, and I still have a big bottle of vanilla from Mexico that we paid one dollar for! We did buy some vanilla tea bags, brownies, and cookies.

Photos, Top: Tea Treats; 2nd: the dining room where brunch, lunch, and afternoon tea is served. 3rd: The entryway had a beautiful door! 4th: the side, with the marvelous windows that are in the dining room. 5th: Our tour guide. 6th: Framed photos of the pollinating process. Tomorrow I will post more about vanilla!
Hawaiian Vanilla Company website, check out their menus, etc:


La Tea Dah said...

Katherine, I enjoyed your tea room photos from Hawaii. But, it sounds like you ran into the same problem that I usually do while traveling. It seems tea rooms either need 24 hour reservations or are closed the days I'm traveling through a town. It's very frustrating for those of us who love afternoon tea. "Afternoon tea" is something that should be readily available; a pattern of our day. But instead it's treated as some very exotic or special event where you have to plan way ahead. Our family either doesn't know about tea rooms in a city until we get there (although I have a directory; but it's nice to see the place before deciding to go) or the tea room is closed the day we are through town. It's such a huge frustration of mine! I have a collection of pictures I've taken of the outside of a tea room --- or a photo through the window --- or a tea room that is closed for good. I know it's tough to be a tea room owner, but I've decided that if they were open a little more frequently it might help their business! Okay, off my frustration now --- the tea rooms in Hawaii look lovely and I'm so glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Look as though these places would be lovely places to enjoy an afternoon tea. Sorry that you were unable to on your trip.