Hawaiian Vanilla

The vanilla is cultivated on the slopes of the highest volcano, in the most isolated island chain in the world. Hawaiian vanilla draws its essence from Hawaii's sweet rains, tropical sunshine, cool breezes and nutrient rich soil.
Hawaiian Vanilla beans are the fruit of the beautiful vanilla planifolia orchid. The delicate orchids bloom just one day a year, for only four hours. During that brief window of time, each pale celadon scentless blossom is hand-pollinated and through the "marriage of vanilla" produces a bean that is ready to be picked and cured nine months later. This labor-intensive process is what makes pure vanilla one of the most highly prized spices in the world.
Top picture: Planifolia orchid. Middle photo: Orchid plants in the hothouse. Bottom photo: The Hawaiian Vanilla hothouse.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed learning more about the vanilla bean plant and seeing photos. Interesting how they only bloom for 4 hours and need to be hand pollinated.