Hawaiian sightseeing

Some blogs I've read reveal "Some things you don't know about me," or "Weird Things About Me," etc. I've often thought about doing one of those. Okay, here's one - I have several phobias! One is a fear of heights - acrophobia. My husband loves heights (he used to be a pilot!) and if there is a high spot anywhere he will find it!! Then he always wants to take pictures of me there! This cliff is Pololu Valley Lookout, a beautiful sight, postcard worthy. It is at the end of the road where you have to make a U turn. I am absolutely terrified to be near the edge of cliffs and even feel sick or dizzy at times. The third picture shows me trying to be a good sport, but saying "hurry up and take the picture!" (That's also the yellow outfit I had to wear three days while I was waiting for my luggage to arrive!) The other pictures show different versions of the lookout. I stayed out of the car while he turned the car around!
I hope you enjoy some of the sightseeing photos we took while on vacation.


La Tea Dah said...

The scenery is beautiful and you look lovely in your yellow outfit. If your luggage is going to get lost and you have to wash and wear the same outfit for three days, this is the one! You look fantastic!

Thanks for sharing the Hawaii photos!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I agree with la tea dah, if you end up with only one outfit to wear, how fitting that you ended up wearing this yellow one that you look so lovely in! :)

Lallee said...

Ditto about the yellow. Your picture with your hands on your hips gave me a chuckle after your explanation about heights. Remember Mary Engelbreit's Snap Out of It girl?