Skirt Vases

I have been wanting a skirt vase since I saw a picture of one Becca has. (I think she calls them skirt vases.) While in Venice, FL I shopped in several antique and thrift stores. This is where I found these. I saw the white one first and didn't buy it because it was more than I wanted to pay. We went back to Venice on Saturday to a craft/art show, and I went into a thrift store and found the following vase with the lady dressed in a rust colored dress. She was only $7, so I immediately bought her. Then I went to the antique store and inquired about the lady in white. They were having a sidewalk sale, but the vase wasn't there. I asked if she was on sale and they finally went down on their price! She was $10! She is smaller than the other one, her beads are real! I love both vases! I guess two makes a collection, now I'm collecting skirt vases! My husband brought home these beautiful yellow roses so I could use my new vases with them. Only problem, these roses were unusually big!

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