Doll Collector

I have always loved dolls! When I was little I received a special doll each Christmas. I would go to the large department store and see their window display and make the decision of which doll I wanted. Sometimes I knew immediately, sometimes I had to think about the decision for a while. I still have some of these dolls. Some day I'll show them on the blog.

I started collecting dolls again back in the 80s. I bought "Yellow Rose," the doll in yellow, on the right on the top shelf of this curio cabinet.

I'm now featuring the dolls in my large curio cabinet. I used to have a lot of my dolls displayed in this case, but after Christmas I decided to change the display to all light colors using only dolls dressed in white, cream, or yellow.

I change the curio case two months before Christmas and display all of my Christmas dolls. These dolls are packed away again in January.

P.S. - God gave me two real live baby dolls - two daughters! They are grown now, but I thoroughly enjoyed my little girls, dressing them up, and playing with them almost like dolls! I now have two grandsons and another one due to arrive the end of August! Little boys are fun too!


La Tea Dah said...

Very beautiful and special dolls! I love your display. All the dolls are exquisite and beautiful, but I love the Princess Diana doll the best. What a special treat!

LTD said...

Oh soooo pretty!!! I can't make up my mind which is my favorite. I like your color choices and als o how you have added tea sets with the dolls.