The Right Time

The Red Bow and the Right Time
By Jackie Ulmer

Have you ever said to yourself "I'll do XXXXX when the time is right?" Have you delayed something important to you, waiting for the right time to come?

Two years ago, a good friend of mine gave me a wonderful birthday gift. It came wrapped in beautiful paper, and had the most exquisite, red bow I had ever seen on the top of it. Honestly, the bow was just as exciting as the present! I no longer remember what the gift was, but I sure remember that bow! It wasn't just a RED bow, it was a shimmery, iridescent red that stood out among ALL other bows. After I opened the gift, I put the bow carefully in my bows and ribbons box, eagerly awaiting the right time that I could place that bow on just the right gift and extend that delight to another.

Along came my children's birthdays, and they were 5 and 8 at the time. "No," I thought to myself. "They won't really appreciate that bow yet, so I will wait awhile." Along came my husband's birthday. "He doesn't care about fancy bows. Now is not the right time for that bow." Well, that went on for over two years, with no occasion, gift, or person just right for that SPECIAL bow.

Last weekend, my family was going in all different directions. My husband was off with the children and was hurriedly getting my son ready for a friend's birthday party. This included wrapping the new Aaron Carter CD for his friend. "We're leaving now," my husband called to me, and I came racing down the stairs to say goodbye to everyone. Suddenly, I was stopped dead in my tracks! And there, right before my eyes, sitting in the front seat of the car, was the gift for my son's friend, WITH MY BEAUTIFUL RED BOW ON TOP! A million thoughts raced through my mind, and none of them very nice! "How could a ten year old possibly appreciate that bow?" "What were you thinking by putting THAT bow on that gift?" "Absolutely not! My red bow is NOT leaving this house!" Fortunately, common sense took over, and I kissed them all goodbye, thanked my husband for the NICE job he had done getting everyone, and the gift, ready, and walked back inside, stewing to myself!

Then, it hit me! Two years of it "not being the right time" for that silly little bow, and now, it's gone for good. Gone to a ten-year-old, to toss in the trash at the ice skating party. I realized how I had cheated MYSELF and my family of the joy of having a beautifully wrapped gift with that bow. Wouldn't my daughter, who loves shiny things, have been thrilled to have that on a special package, and then put it on her head, as she likes to do? Wouldn't my husband have felt special with a special gift wrapped with love in that beautiful bow? I was waiting foolishly for a time that was never going to arrive! Then, I began to think about how many other things I have put off for "just the right time." What things are you putting off for another time?

How many times have you said or heard - "I'll start XXXXX when the kids go back to school." "Once the holidays are over, I'll get serious about XXXXX." "When XXXXX happens, I'll do XXXXX." There IS no right time for anything. Never has been, never will be! The only time you have is RIGHT NOW! Don't cheat yourself out of the possibilities that lie before you by thinking that there is a "perfect time."

RIGHT NOW, do something you have been putting off! Today is a gift, and that's why it's called "the present!" And, it has a beautiful, red bow on top!

Note: I do the same thing with stationery, cards, and gift bags!!

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Anonymous said...

Yellow Rose,

I can certainly relate to this. Thanks for the gentle reminder.