Tea Things

This is a Sandy Clough Tea Pot, her book, and a tea towel. I bought the tea pot because it has yellow roses on it. The knob on the lid is a little shoe! The name of the tea pot is "Laura" after one of the characters in this book. Sandy is a beautiful artist and beautiful lady inside and out. She and I used to attend the same Baptist church back in the 70s. We were in art and craft shows together. The detail she uses in her artwork is just incredible - the lace looks so real! Last Spring I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy again. I went to a retreat she spoke at. She also hosted a large tea party at lunch time and it was very nice. I enjoy reading her books and seeing her artwork.

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Anonymous said...

This year, I have bought my second Sandy Clough calendar for my kitchen and I LOVE the pictures. They sit so well with my heart and soul. She is a very talented lady, you are blessed to know her in person.