My Secret Garden

I've been having some sessions with a Christian counselor. He has been teaching a class each month on “Anxiety” at our church. He is a professional psychotherapist.

At the end of the session he told me he wanted me to do an exercise and use it daily.He had me close my eyes and lie down on this really soft cushy tan leather sofa. He told me to visualize walking down a path and coming to a lush high hedge with a big beautiful carved wooden gate and look down beside my right foot where I’ll see a stone. I lean down and pick up the stone, under it I see a gold key, pick it up and place it in the keyhole to open the gate. I walk through the gate. I then place the key in my pocket.

I turn around and look at the view: Lust green gardens are enclosing every angle. Flowers of every color are everywhere. To the right are yellow flowers, pink flowers, all white flowers. Gold flowers are to the left, red flowers, blue and purple flowers, ETC.

Straight ahead I see a flowering vine covered gazebo. I walk to the gazebo, inside I see someone, He turns to me with an out-stretched hand. As I take His hand He turns and picks up a gift to give to me. What a lovely gift, tied in a large beautiful bow. I untie the strings of the bow, and slowly open up the package. Inside I touch soft tissue paper and take out the gift. I then sit and talk and pour out my heart, my hurts and fears, as well as my joy and happiness.

Now as I leave, I again take in the beauty of the secret garden. I walk toward the gate, take the key from my pocket, unlock the gate and go out. I lock the gate, and place the key under the stone beside my foot.”

I then opened my eyes. Bill (the counselor) asked me what was in the gift. I was a little embarrassed to say what the first thing that came to my mind – “A Tea Cup!” He smiled and said, “Jesus met you right where you are.”

I felt so relaxed, but I wasn’t able to totally ponder the relaxation exercise until the next day when I took time to lie on the bed and walk through the steps again.

The unusual part of this story is this:
Something also happened the next day that was a total surprise – when the mail arrived I received a medium sized package. It wasn’t a Mother’s Day gift from my children (I had already received their gifts.) Curious, I opened it up – what was inside took my breath away – one of the most beautiful tea cups I’ve ever seen, white with tiny yellow roses and violets scattered around the cup and saucer! A dear internet friend I’ve never actually met sent me this package.


God Incidence?

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