At my age I have acquired a lot of "Best Friends!" There are different reasons why each of these friends have acquired the title of a Best Friend to me! We all know the difference of a friend, an acquaintance, and a neighbor, these are people we like and enjoy, but a Best Friend is someone even more special to us. Sometimes I know the exact reason why she is classified as a best friend to me, sometimes I may not be able to put it into words of why, but I just know she is very special and want her in my life as often as possible, even if it is through phone calls, letters, cards, or email messages. I even have some internet Best Friends, ladies I've never actually met, but have grown to love them through the years of correspondence.

This little tea pot was given to me by a long-time best friend! It isn't a real tea pot to make tea in so I keep Splenda packets in it. It makes me smile, that's why I keep it in a place where I see it all day! Thanks, "Best Friend!!"

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