Old Country Roses China

I love china, especially the vintage china pieces. Floral china is so lovely and excites my romantic heart. When I married years ago I chose plain china, it was eggshell with a narrow platinum border. My choice was based on being able to use it on different colored and patterned tablecloths. After many years passed I found myself falling in love with floral china. Old Country Roses china by Royal Albert (Royal Doulton) had become very popular. Several of my friends were purchasing OCR. I wanted it so badly, but couldn't justify buying a new set of china when I had a china cabinet full of a set of fine china.

I started buying a few pieces of OCR here and there, and my friends and children gave me pieces as gifts. When my husband heard how much I desired the OCR china he said if I wanted it that much I should get it! He's a keeper!!

My daughter loved my plain china and when she married I gave her the whole set, along with the crystal, and silver that went with it. She and her husband love minimalistic style so the china was perfect for them!

I'm very happy with my Old Country Roses china and never tire of it. It is displayed in my china cabinet which has beveled glass doors and a mirror back and shows off the china splendidly!

Old Country Roses also has coordinating OCR china in many other patterns, including chintz, yellow or green or lavender backgrounds, etc. OCR comes in a casual china for daily use, I don't have a whole set of the casual, but have a lot of it that I use daily. I keep some of the fine china cups and saucers and dessert plates in my kitchen cabinets so they may be used daily as well.

It seems that all people who enjoy tea parties also love the romantic OCR! It just seems to go together! I've had a lot of tea parties with different themes and used other styles of china, but Old Country Roses china is my favorite. At my recent tea party OCR was used and was an awesome picture of romance!


La Tea Dah said...

Katherine, I love Old Country Roses! It's my pattern too! I have a set, and I recently inherited my mother's service for 12 plus serving pieces that she received from her father's collection. I feel so blessed! My step-mother also has this china. She purchased hers at the factory in England many years ago. It is so beautiful and sets a stunning table.

I love your blog! Welcome to th world of blogging! I'll be checking in every day! Keep up the good work!

Yellow Roses said...

Thanks Lah tea Dah for your compliment! Lucky you to have so much OCR!! I love your Blog and also check it daily, am disappointed when there's not a new one!