Friday I'm having a tea party for some of my long-time friends (notice I didn't say "old" friends! They are coming from the town where I used to live, I lived there 35 years and knew these friends that long.

"It doesn't really matter how far apart we are;
what matters is how close we stay.
~ Peggy Wrightsman

I love tea parties! I love all things that have to do with tea! As well as the delicious taste of hot tea and the pleasant way it relaxes and refreshes you, I like the pretty presentation of teas and tea food; the beautiful floral china whether it matches or not; and the company of friends and their reaction and appreciation. Whether it is tea for two or a tea buffet for a larger group it can be some work for the hostess, which these days people are trying to avoid, but it is very rewarding and brings such a feeling of accomplishment afterwards. I hope more young people will fall in love with tea time and keep the tradition going.

"Tea naturally serves as a thread
that weaves memories together."
~ Nan Taylor
The Graceful Art of Tea

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