Blog Time!

January 22, 2006. Today I begin my blog. Blog. This is a new term for me. I wish it had a prettier name! I will post often about things I enjoy in life. You can see by the name that yellow roses are one of my favorite things! I have always loved yellow roses. I wore yellow roses to my senior prom, carried them in my wedding, and I'm presented yellow roses often by my sweet husband!

I collect yellow rose items. I collect yellow rose tea cups and saucers and I have one tea pot with yellow roses on it. Friends have given me many items with yellow roses on them, a small ring box, address book, note pads, etc. Soon I will share my yellow rose collection.

Yellow is my favorite color and has been since childhood. For the first time I finally have a house that has a lot of yellow in it! I will share much of this in my Blog. I hope you will enjoy seeing my treasures and hearing about things I love in future posts.

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