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I don't think I will be posting every day as I have this week, but since I'm still celebrating my birthday I want to share another gift with you. My husband likes me to select my own gifts from him so he'll give me exactly what I want!  I just heard about these new Christian magazines. I ordered the latest issue along with the two back issues. They came quickly and I have enjoyed reading the first one 

and started on this second one:
This is the third issue:
 I'm reading them in order. This was a
little hard to do as I saw other articles 
I was wanting to read first! :-)

 The photography is gorgeous in all these
magazines and there is no advertising
whatsoever, a nice plus!  
These young Christian ladies share
their stories, bible verses, recipes,
decorating, crafts, gardening, and advice. 

Jesus is the center of all stories, He gets all the glory!
I love seeing bible verses throughout the magazines. 
I highly recommend these magazines for hours of
reading pleasure, so I'm spreading the news! 
They will make wonderful gifts for young mothers,
and all ages. A gift that keeps on giving!

Check them out:

When I find something I enjoy I always want to share it
with my family and friends!


A Romantic Porch said...

I have read some of one of the girl's posts on Instagram. I6m glad to know you enjoy the magazine's. I have wondered what they were like. (For some reason this links to my old blog. Now I have:

Susan said...

Thanks for the information. I will check them out!!

Creations By Cindy said...

Thanks for the information Katherine. I will check out the link. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

LTD said...

They look lovely on the covers, thanks for sharing