Visiting Celebration, FL

Main Street, Celebration, FL
My daughter, Ashleigh, lived here
a few years. She lived on the left
about middle ways on the left side.

 I would visit her especially during Christmas and we would
sit out on her balcony watching the parade of people! We
also watched the "snow" from the snow machine!

 Antonio's Restaurant on the right corner, above
The big white building is Antonio's Restaurant
 Main Street Cafe on the left corner, above (across from Antonio's)
 Main Street Cafe on the left corner, cute shops and restaurants along the block
 Main Street Cafe

Main Street Cafe, enter through the blue canopy's

 Looking down Front Street

The Celebration Hotel across the lake

Celebration Hotel from a different view

The Celebration Hotel, view from where we were sitting

Another view across the lake

Joe and Lynn sitting under the umbrella

Town Center Directory sign

Tomorrow I will show you some of the cute
shoppes we visited on the Town Center

 Front Street (above and below)

 The Celebration Movie Theater


 This is the water spout area for children to play in, but it wasn't working this day!

We had lunch at the Celebration Columbia Restaurant, click here to see pictures of the restaurant
Nice picture of Columbia dining room - click here:

Of course I had to take a picture of this yellow antique car parked in front of the Celebration Golf Club
It has Celebration, FL written on the car door.

 This is the Celebration landmark 

I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of Celebration, FL, a lovely little town  built by Disney World. Tomorrow I will share some of the cute shoppes in Celebration.



kayhil said...

Cute area. Did the houses have garages of any kind?

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Yes, most of the houses have garages, they are million dollar homes! They look like the big homes of yesteryear, most are two-story and have big wrap-around porches, etc. Gorgeous neighborhoods! One year we went on a Christmas Home Tour there - Beautiful!


Creations By Cindy said...

I have so enjoyed looking at the pictures. I must go on line and check out this cute place called Celebration. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

kayhil said...

Christmas Home Tour would be so exciting to do!