Spring Cloche Party

I'm late for Marty's Spring Cloche Party! I'm still having health issues. Thanks for hosting, Marty, so we can all share our pretty cloche displays! Go here to Marty's for lots more enjoyment!

I haven't been able to do any decorating in the past three weeks and my creative juices aren't flowing as much, but I do want to share the St. Patrick's Day vignette I just did on the hall tree in the foyer.
I bought these two cute Irish figurines last year at Michael's and then this year they had two different ones, so I bought them as well.
She is playing a hand accordion, he is dancing a jig.

Faux shamrocks are also from Michael's.

Welcome to our home!

The display above is a "temporary" vignette I did after Christmas until I could do something else. Well, you guessed it, it's still there
I used two of my childhood figurines that I treasure. I remember buying them at a Woolworth's when I was about eight years old.

This is the other one, beside the vintage plate.

I bought one new cloche type container at Hobby Lobby after Christmas. I hope I can think of something fabulous to store in it, but for now here's something for St. Patrick's Day!

Isn't he cute?!

Here are a few spring cloches I shared last year:

I hope to get these bunnies down soon and display them like this again!
I found these cuties at Dollar Tree a few years ago.
You can't help but smile when you see them!
They will be displayed on the coffee table in the family room.

I bought this unique little bunny at a craft show a long time ago.
She is made from a vintage embroidered tea towel.

Thr little wooden rabbit below is a bit whimsical, but I can also see some seriousness,
almost as if he is meditating or praying!

This is why I place the Easter lilies inside the cloche with him.

This one is pretty in pink!

It also holds a tea light!

The little figurine below has a wagon with baby chickens in it

and baby chicks in their hands!
A bunny pulls the wagon!

One of my all time favorite cloche displays
Seeing all these again has inspired me to get started on my Easter decorating. Now I just need the strength to do it! :-)

For my last cloche display I leave you with this one using the twig cross, tiny roses (with thorns) pearls, and a baby's pink bible. This represents Jesus dying on the cross for us after leaving His words for us to live by. A bittersweet representation.

I give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for us so we may have eternal life with Him forever and ever.

Have a Wonderfully Happy Easter!
God Bless.

He has a shamrock for you!


Kathleen said...

Beautiful, K! I didn't know they had new figurines at M's this year. I have the same ones you have, used them in a post a few weeks ago.
Hope you are feeling better! Take care.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Just beautiful my friend you really out did yourself and not feeling well to boot..I'll add you to my prayers list girl..Now put your feet up and get some rest..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi sweet lady...

Ohhh noooo...I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well, sweet friend! I didn't realize that you were ill...I will certainly be praying for you!

Well my dear, you do better than me...when I'm not feeling well...nothing gets done! So BRAVO...I applaud you and your beautifully decorated hall tree! Katherine, I always enjoy seeing what you're going to do next in your entryway! I love the pretty St. Patrick's Day vignette! The little Irish figurines are just adorable! So glad that you found two more to add to your sweet collection! Speaking of figurines...I just adore the two figurines that you bought at Woolworths! Girlfriend, I remember shopping there when I was a kid as well! In fact, when I was a teen...I would always rush down to Woolworths to buy the newest 45 single records when they came out! Hehe! Guess that dates me a bit! I also just adore the little boy and girl with the chicks...figurine! That one is just sooo sweet! I sooo enjoyed getting a peek at all of your beautiful cloches...and I love the one that you found after Christmas. The little leprachaun is just perfect for it! Thank you sooo much for sharing all of your pretties with us today! Sweet friend, you get to feeling better and I will be praying for you!!!

Warmest spring wishes...
Love ya,

PS...thanks so much for coming by! I sooo enjoyed your visit and sweet note!

xinex said...

I am so sorry you are having health issues. Hope they get resolved soon. You have so many cloches and each and every one of them are just beautiful. Love all the figures inside them....Christine

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Absolutely gorgeous cloche displays. It would be hard for me to try and say which is the prettiest. Hope you are feeling better soon. Blessings. ~~Sherry~~

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Keep faith and hope you recover soon.

I love each and everyone of you treasures. No fave... love ALL---

Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden.

Karen @ The Whimsical Lady said...

Hi Katherine,

I love your bunnies and leprechauns! I LOVE your cloche with the cross and bible. I've saved it to my idea file. It's beautiful! I've been trying to think of ways to incorporate the real meaning of the holiday into my decorations and this is perfect!
Thank you!


The Decorative Dreamer said...

I love your leprechaun cloches! The one guy by himself is so cute but the couple doing a jig is just adorable! I really like the last cloche too with the cross and roses! Its very pretty and reminded me of Jesus right away!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Katherine, you always amaze me with how creative you are with your cloches. Every one of them are stunning. Love the leprechauns and the sweet bunny. Your little figurines are all fabulous. You always do the most wonderful displays. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty


Oh Katherine, I hope your feeling better soon and you have done such incredible! I love each one, the Irish figurines are adorable, the bunnies are darling! I love the cake stand with the glass tiers hanging and the pretty bunny inside, I also like the crystal square with a cloche with the children kissing, (they look like hummels). Thank you for sharing, I had fun looking at it. You're welcome to come over to my buffet with cloches.

Mind Movies Reviews said...

They're all beautiful! I so love the shade of green!

A Hint of Home said...

Love all your cloches and pretty vignettes.
Happy St. Patty's Day!