Victoria - A Return to Loveliness

I'm joining Kathy at A Delightsome Life for her A Return to Loveliness Victoria meme. Click on her name for lots more posts on the first Victoria's.
This Victoria is dated Summer 1988, and it has the Good Housekeeping's Victoria title at the top.
I had a hard time photographing this cover as it is very dark, a sepia tone. Even some of the articles inside have the sepia tone look:
This article (pages 54-57) about these gorgeous lacey look cakes is very enjoyable.
I wonder if this baker is still in business, I should have googled it first. The name of the shop is Nutcracker Sweet Shoppe, in Pittsburgh, PA, there's also a phone number!

A pretty double page spread for graduation:

Since I live in Florida, I enjoyed this six-page article about Victorian homes in Key West:

You may click on any of these pictures to enlarge.

Someone recently posted about a Susan Rios article. I found it! It's also in this issue! (Please let me know you posted, so I can read it again!)

It is also a six-page spread
I'm sure this article helped to make her famous!

Have a happy day!

God Bless.


Wouldn't you love a slice of this beautiful cake, or is it too pretty to cut!


Kathy said...

Hello Katherine,
I love the older issues - their soft pictures just draw you in. I'd love to have watched that cake being created - amazing detail -the article on Susan Rios is incredible and I am sure as with many others - Victoria helped make her renown.
So glad to see you join me this week - I always enjoy your Victoria posts
God Bless,

Marydon said...

Awesome aren't they? Where do they find these things ... worth its weight in gold!
Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Connie said...

Katherine, that was the very first issue I ever saw. I'm thinking it might have been the first issue, not sure. But I was introduced to Susan Rios in that one and she is my all time favorite artist. I have one of her limited edition prints on my wall and a couple of her limited edition prints around my living room. I just adore her, sugar, and she has emailed me from time to time. It is so good to see that old magazine because I cannot find mine anymore and I was sure I'd never part with it.

Adrienne said...

You are bringing back happy memories - and I'm sad that I didn't keep all the years of Victoria magazines I had carefully stashed away! Thanks for the memories.

Cabin and Cottage said...

I still have this issue but it has taken a lot of punishment! Nice Post. Jacqueline

Sandy said...

That is one of my favorite issues, too!

It still inspires me.


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio