Sunny Days

We are thankful it has finally cooled off a little here in Florida. We are also thankful we still have sunny days along with cooler weather!

I'm still practicing on mosaics, still having a little difficulty trying to figure out some things. This one of different sunflowers I did on Picasa. I have gmail on Google and get Picasa free. I tried Picnik and like it, but the free things are very limited, I haven't decided if I want to pay $25 to upgrade it or not. Anybody have any suggestions/advice for me?

I received another give-away, but can't show the pictures until tomorrow, they are on the laptop and dh is already sleeping in that room where it is! It's a really nice gift! Come back soon to see the pictures!

The beginning of the week is always busy for me when I have my Faith Sharing Group and then on Tuesday nights I always have a Creative Memories workshop. Hopefully things we slow down for the rest of the week.

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Connie said...

Your mosaics are just fine and beautiful, honey. Don't fret about them; they're great!

ceekay said...

I think you are doing great on the mosaics also! Beutiful yellow pics! They are you!! Have a good week.....

Marilyn Miller said...

I use Picasa for mosaics and have been pleased with most of them.

Love your sunflowers and the roses in the header too.

PEA said...

I've never tried Picasa or Picnik but have heard of them so will have to check them out. I love the mosaic you made of the sunflowers:-)

I was just catching up with your latest posts and I'm so looking forward to seeing how you decide to decorate for Autumn!! I just know it will be beautiful:-)

It looks more like Winter over here, we had snow flurries all afternoon and it's very cold and windy out. I went out for dinner with my friend June and was happy to come back home and sit by my little fireplace!! xoxo

Bearly Sane said...

Hi Katherine...if this is a double up please delete it. I did try to post before but it disappeared.
Your mosaic is the nicest I have seen, very beautiful, I love sunflowers.
Have you tried Paintshop Pro, I think there is a free download.