It's Finally Fall in Florida!

I'm glad Halloween is over and I can remove the black and orange, I was getting a little tired of it. Now it's on with the fall decorations, the scarecrows, the cornucopias, and the bounty of our blessings.

While I'm waiting for more fall storage boxes to come down from the attic for Thanksgiving decorating I'll share with you one of my practice mosaics! Tomorrow I hope to have more Thanksgiving/Fall pictures to share with you! Here's a little peek, vintage luggage on top of the family room TV is decorated with hydrangeas in fall colors and faux fall leaves.

I hope you are having a nice weekend! It's finally cooler here in Florida, I hope it lasts! Of course cooler for us in FL is still about 75 degrees! How is the weather where you are?

Have a happy Sunday!
God Bless.



Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful Fall decor, Katherine!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! Nice change from the oranges and blacks. Can't wait to see what you add. I have to add my pilgrims and turkeys now. I don't do Halloween. I sneak up on fall with some pumpkins and leaves and fall-type things and then add pilgrims once November arrives. I love these late autumn days. It's sunny here today - a welcome break from the stormy weather we've had lately.

Love Bears All Things said...

It was a little chilly going out for church, 56 degrees. We've had the gas logs on low today. Haven't turned on the furnace yet. I think tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s. The good thing is the sun is shinning and looks like at least 3 days without rain.
Mama Bear

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the suitcases, what a great idea to put them on the potshelves. They look wonderful with all the leaves. Glad it has finally cooled off a little. Hugs, Marty

Anonymous said...

Oh, i love your collage as well as that luggage is beautiful on the shelf with all of your other pretties.


Carrie said...

Yes, now that November is here, we can turn our thoughts to the holiday season..starting with Thanksgiving!
Your fall vignettes are fabulous!