Show and Tell

I haven't participated in Kelli's Show and Tell since before our vacation a few weeks ago. Today I want to share my collection of village "houses" that I use in decorating our kitchen. My kitchen has a tea room theme where I use Victorian village houses.

Above are canisters by Lenox. I had fun trying to find all four of these about ten years ago. I found most of them on Ebay, it took a while to get all of them.

A friend gave me this cookie jar, we don't keep cookies in it. It sits next to my husband's coffee pot and he keeps coffee pot filters in it.

This bottle above sits next to the kitchen stove, I keep olive oil in it.

The tea caddy, above, was hand-painted by a friend, isn't it cute!

I have several Victorian house shaped tea pots, these are displayed on top of our kitchen cabinets. (Note: the colors aren't true, don't know what I did to my camera!)

I bought the Victorian house tea pot below at Cracker Barrel a few years ago.

The three house tea pots below are in the center of the top of our kitchen cabinets.

The pretty little blue tea pot above has "Tea House" on the little sign at the top.
Even though I don't have much blue in our house I had to have this one!

The little tea pot above isn't a Victorian house tea pot, but a cute little cottage, it's actually a tea light holder. A friend gave this to me, she has kitty cats, ad I always think of her when I look at it!

I also had to have this little tower house because it was yellow!

Which is your favorite? It's hard for me to choose a favorite, but I lean toward these canisters!

I seldom see Victorian house tea pots anymore, or other items. I've had this theme in our kitchen since we moved here over eight years ago. I still enjoy it and even though I like so many of the roosters being shown everywhere these days, I think I'll still keep my tea room theme!

Go here to Kelli's for lots more fun Show and Tell inspiration.

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



ceekay said...

I like the house canister set too...I have one teapot that is a house. I think you definately should keep the tea house theme.

LDH said...

Hello Katherine! I think you have a beautiful collection of Victorian tea houses. Each one is unique and look really nice in your home.
kindly, ldh

Martha said...

What a darling collection.

Barb said...

I love that top canister set. So pleasant.
And the blue tea pots, cheery!!

Barbara Jean

Anonymous said...

What a lovely set and so complete. I remember the Lenox set from years ago.

Sammy Girl said...

What a LOVELY collection! I can't wait to hop over to Kelli's for more show and tell. So nice to be back home and have a couple of minutes to rub together and stop by to say HI!
Hugs and have a great weekend!
Betty :)

JanMary said...

Love your collection of tea tins and houses.

I loke the blue one with the little sign on it best.

Have a lovely weekend.

Hootin' Anni said...

Amazing. What a cheerful, bright and happy decor! I love the yellows too. And the canister set is just so perfect.

My Show and Tell is now posted. Won't you pop over for a chat and a spot of tea?

Susan said...

How absolutely perfect for you and adorable. I'm amazed you find and collect so many tea related items.

Smilingsal said...

Oh my, it would be hard to choose a favorite from all of your delightful collection. I really like the tea holder because it was made by your friend.

Here's my Show and Tell:

Cindy said...

What a show! I love all of it! Teapots are wonderful and the canister set is gorgeous. Have a good weekend.

Gracie said...

How beautiful! I like your idea of decorating a kitchen with things like these, very appropriate. Thanks for sharing.

Lora said...

Your little *houses* are adorable!

Connie said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE teapots, honey! those are adorable to collect.

Patricia Lee said...


What a beautiful collection of houses -- so cozy. My favorite though is the bottle you keep your olive oil in...a little whimsical! Thanks for sharing.


A Hint of Home said...

I love all your tea pots. These are so cute lined in your kitchen. I loved seeing all your collectibles while I was there.
I especially like the tea bag dispenser. Very cute.

Love Bears All Things said...

Oh, I definitely prefer the houses to roosters. I like the little tea house one from cracker barrel best. I liked the idea of keeping the coffee filters in a cannister. I think I'll try that. Right now mine are up in the cup cabinet but that isn't a very good place. I used to keep them in the freezer with the coffee in the other house where the fridge was right next to the coffee pot but here it isn't.
I loved your show & tell. I think they look great with the yellow walls.
Mama Bear

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a great collection - thanks for sharing.

Sherrie said...

They are all beautiful! I don't think I could pick a favorite one! Have a great day!!


Carrie said...

Oh, Kathy, another lovely collection! You have them very nicely displayed and even use certain ones. The tea bag caddy from your friend is sweet with your name on it.

Would you believe my mother was ordering the Lenox village canisters for me when they first came out, but I told her I didn’t really need them?! Now I would gladly take them to go with my tea house cookie jar and other house-shaped ceramics I’ve been gathering.

Charlotte said...

Love the little village houses and all the tea pots. What a great S & T.

Kathleen at Set to a Tea said...

What a lovley collection! I think my fav are the canisters also!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen with us.
Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Hannah E. said...

They are all adorable!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh how charming these are! Love the tea house theme. We are all doing roosters. Yours is so unique and lovely. laurie

~~Deby said...

I love your Lennox cannisters..they are beautiful...everything is...
a very welcoming home..

Lallee said...

I love the canisters. You have a beautiful collection of little houses. The olive oil bottle is particularly unique. Thank you for sharing with us!

Adrienne said...

Hi, Katherine -
Your houses are so cute. I used to have some cute metal canisters that were houses and together made a village. They were a gift from my grandmother and I just loved them. They were orange and one day I decided they didn't go with my things so I sold them to someone who dearly loved them. Your canisters are just darling. Thanks for sharing your little 'village' with us.

Joy said...

Very nice collection. I really like the little teapots!