Everything is just peachy!

While on vacation in SC a few weeks ago we bought some fresh peaches. They were sooo good! We don’t often get good peaches here in Florida, I don’t know if they grow in FL.

Peaches don’t last very long, so I had to get creative to use them up. First I used the fresh peaches to make peach short cake. I bought a sugar-free angel food cake at the grocery store, along with sugar-free Cool Whip. This was delicious! We bought a few white peaches so I mixed them with the regular peaches. Yum!

Next I made some things I could freeze. These peach muffins are very good with the peach jam we also bought at the fruit stand in SC. I like peach preserves and had never seen peach jam or jelly, so I bought some!

I made a small peach cobbler just for the two of us. I added a little Splenda Brown Sugar and butter. The crust was made with Crescent Rolls, cut into strips and woven into a lattice. It was really good!

I like it hot, without ice cream so I can get the full taste of the peaches!

A favorite was this peach bread below, I ended up making two loaves of this. I served some at my Creative Memories workshop and it was a hit.

This is our idea of a relaxing cocktail!
So cold and refreshing!
We also bought this delicious peach cider in SC!
I also served this at my CM workshop, they loved it!

(Sorry the pictures didn't turn out so well at night.)

If you would like any of these recipes I will be happy to share them with you.

Now are you hungry for fresh peaches?

Have a peachy day!!

God Bless.



Love Bears All Things said...

I love peaches and I've never had any ruin on me. I love eating them as is. When we had the farm, we had both white and yellow peaches. I canned mine with a syrup made with sweetner instead of sugar. I also love peach preserves. We never had this growing up.
Maybe you could share your muffin and cobbler recipes.
Mama Bear

Clif said...

Wow! Wow! Maybe we will make peach ice cream for our pool party. If you come there will be plenty of ice cream but I will be eating mine. I am going to follow the advice to be good before the party and then go ahead and eat and then go back to being good.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

I love peaches, and what you made looks so delicious, I have not heard of peach cider but it looks so delicious. and that cobbler yum!Hoping your 4th of July is filled with many blessings as you celebrate with family and friends.

Carrie said...

Succulent peaches are a deelight and you really found delectable ways to use yours!

A Hint of Home said...

Here in SC the peaches are at their peak right now. Peach Cider is so yummy. All your dishes look wonderful. You've been a busy gal. I know hubby has enjoyed your efforts.
Happy 4th!

Joy said...

Everything looks so delicious. I love the pie crust...looks so yummy. The drinks look nice and cooling.

Cathy said...

Oh, yum, everything looks so good. You have been busy in the kitchen.

Sue said...

Hi Katherine....I live in Georgia...the "Peach" state and believe me the peaches from S.C. are far superior to ours...Great
4th. tablescape...those plates with the firecrackers are adorable...Have a great holiday...Sue in Atlanta

Lady Katherine said...

Just wonderful, all you done with the peaches.I would love to have some with the angel food cake and some homemade peach ice cream!

Lallee said...

I'm going to gain 5 pounds catching up on your blog this morning. YUM peaches. You were very industrious with these! Everything looks so yummy. I love the top picture--worthy of painting. Hint, hint.