Just another day in paradise!

About two weeks ago we spent a week at Marco Island, FL. This is a wonderful restaurant we ate at while there. It was right on the beach! The picture below is a little washed out from the sun, but the server was pretty busy and I didn't want to detain her too long.
This was our view, don't know if you can see the lines on the pic below,
but they were there to keep the sea gulls from flying in!
The name of the restaurant is Quinn's.

This is what I ordered - salad with coconut shrimp, the bowl was huge!
The dressing was sweet sour Asian.

I'm a happy camper! I love, love, love shrimp!! I ate shrimp four times while in Marco Island,
coconut shrimp, twice! Fried shrimp once, and grilled shrimp once!

Here's the dessert we shared at Quinn's. It's Key Lime Shortcake, I wanted to try this
because we always order Key Lime Pie and I wanted to try something different. It was very refreshing, sort of a key lime pound cake with a key lime sauce, whipped cream and strawberries!

Here's the grilled shrimp I had at another restaurant in Marco Island.
The shrimp salad had lots of fresh fruit, strawberries,
blueberries, mango, mandarin oranges, blue cheese, etc!
The dressing was sweet, I've forgotten the name of it.
Those are skinny bread sticks (not chop sticks!)

I've forgotten the name of the restaurant, here it is below:

It was so cute, outside with only umbrellas and sails, no roof!

This fountain was nearby.

Last Friday we went to Disney World. We ate at Rainforest Cafe (by Animal Kingdom) Guess what I had to eat? Coconut Shrimp!
The presentation was a little different - on skewers! The dipping sauce was mango. Also served was rice with black beans. The "slaw" was the most unusual with shredded veggies such as cucumbers, squash, peppers, etc., very good.

Here's the dessert three of us shared - The "Volcano!"

The Volcano has three slices of chocolate layer cake, three scoops vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and hot caramel sauce, and whipped cream! This large dessert costs $13.95!! I tell you that only because we got it half-priced! Joe's son works at the Rainforest Cafe and got our meals at 50% off! After eating all this we tried to walk it off at Animal Kingdom, then Epcot!

Joe outside the Rainforest Cafe (frog is holding the Rainforest Cafe sign)

The picture above, and below, were taken inside the Rainforest Cafe.
It is dark inside and hard to take good pictures.
About every twenty minutes the lights start flashing and the animals start making their noises, the elephants bellow (is that what they do?) The monkeys and birds squawk, etc!

I love living in Florida, we do call it paradise, even though we have to tolerate the heat during the summers, the other six months makes it worth it all! I have lived in Florida 43 years and never want to move!

Do you like seafood? Shrimp is my favorite. I have eaten so much shrimp this past month. I'm so thankful I'm not allergic to it like a few people! I even had shrimp Sunday night at a church party, shrimp cocktail! It was delicious too!

Remember the Low Country Boil we had last weekend (at my grandson's party) It had shrimp in it too!

And don't forget the Shrimp Caprese I had at Olive Garden on my birthday two weeks ago!
My hubby says I'm going to turn into a shrimp! Some people think I'm already a shrimp, since I'm only a little over five feet tall! LOL!

Would you like a bite of the Volcano?!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Clif said...

Man a live I don't need to be looking at all that wonderful food. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I really, really like shrimp. The largest shrimp I ever had was in India. Fantastic! I love all those umbrellas and the setting where you ate. We also love Disney World. What a fun place. Yes, you live in a great state. Thanks for sharing your great experiences.

Our Back Porch said...

OMGosh! That food is amazing! And that Volcano...sheesh! Y'all ate very well on your trip, for sure. Not what I needed to see just starting my diet. hee hee

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a lovely day.

Back Porch Blessings,

ceekay said...

Looks delish! I love shrimp. I love it when Red Lobster has all you can eat shrimp days. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Smilingsal said...

I love living in Florida too. We have a Rainforest Cafe down here at the Sawgrass Mall.

That dessert looks like a killer volcano.

Love Bears All Things said...

I love seafood and freshwater fish also. I love coconut shrimp. I'm not sure I could eat it that often. I like a little variety. I try to eat fish three times a week, though.
Looks like you've been having lots of fun.
Mama Bear

PEA said...

Never mind just a bite...I want the whole Volcano dessert!!!! lol We have Rainforest Cafe's here too and I just love the atmosphere with the animals "coming to life":-) I've never had their Volcano, although I have seen others order it.

You really did get to enjoy some wonderful restaurants lately and look at that food...yummmmmmm! I love shrimp as well:-)

I don't blame you for loving living in Florida, I wish I could move down there as well:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have been to a Raintree forest. They are fun places to eat. Your food looks delicious. It sounds like you have been having a wonderful time.

A Hint of Home said...

You are a girl after my own heart. I love shrimp. One of these days I'm going to get down to Marco Island. It looks fabulous. Glad you had a great time.