I would like to thank Rachel, at A Romantic Porch, for featuring our courtyard arbor this month. Rachel features a romantic porch each month on her blog. We don't actually have a front porch, we have a courtyard beside our front door and it has an arbor above it. The arbor is covered with fuschia bouganvillia.

Florida has had three freezes this past month and I'm hoping the bouganvillia vines survived the freezes! Most of the vines still look green, and there's still one branch with some blossoms! Yes!

Click here to see our courtyard/arbor on Rachel's blog.



Annie said...

My bougainvilleas look awful now. But I know they will come back soon. Your valentine teacup and scarf is beautiful. Blessings

RobinfromCA said...

I rambled over here from another blog and found your lovely photos. Your cup and saucer are adorable and I love your Valentines hankie.

We've had some very cold nights here in Northern CA but the bouganvillias seem to be surviving. They're pretty hardy so I hope yours will be fine as well!


Anita said...

Dearest Katherine!

Oh, as I can see from your blog, you are already in the right mood for Valentine's Day, aren't you?

And I have a special surprise for you tonight! you are one of the lucky winners of my Valentine's give away! Congratulations! One of your favourite hearts you voted for on my blog will soon be yours! Email me quickly your address and I will send your surprise off as soon as possible!

Blessings, Anita

Love Bears All Things said...

Lucky you, congratulations on winning one of Anita's hearts. I love that tin in the photo.
Mama Bear

Mona said...

Everything looks adorable! Love it!!