I like to display these cherubs during Valentine's Day.
I decorated these baskets several years ago.

You can see the bottom of the basket in the above picture.
Below is another basket I decorated.

This basket is special because it belonged to my mother,
she kept some of her keepsakes inside it.

Happy Valentine's Day!!



A Hint of Home said...

The front of your house looks so inviting. I love your arbor and the basket is pretty on the front door.
I like the way you did your china cabinet decorations, too.
The basket is very sweet with the cherubs. How nice to have that piece from your mom.

Susan said...

Your cherubs are beautiful Katherine. I just love all the little details you add that make everything so beautiful.I really need more Valentines Day decorations. I have very few.

La Tea Dah said...

They are very sweet --- and you are very creative!


Linda C said...

These are so pretty!

I have and award to share with you.
Please stop by and pick it up:)

Linda C

Carrie said...

Your cherubs are such precious designs.
Over the past year or so, I've gotten a few cherubs which I've been really enjoying.

~CC Catherine said...

Katherine, what lovely baskets...these are all PRECIOUS! Love the lace and angelic faces! ;) ~CC Catherine

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are soooo gorgeous, you did an amazing job of decorating both baskets. How wonderful to have decorated a basket that belonged to your mother!!