Show and Tell - ABC Book

I hadn't planned on participating in Kelli's Show and Tell since we are in the midst of Tropical Storm Fay right now here in Florida! We have been blessed with being in the center "donut hole" (what they are calling it, since it isn't a hurricane and can't be the "eye." We have had several power failures, but it doesn't stay off very long. I haven't been keeping the computer on because of this.

I'm really not prepared for a show and tell, but will share the ABC Books I made for both of our grandbabies for their 2nd birthdays.
I asked my husband to take pictures of the books together, to share with my Creative Memories group. I guess I should have done something a little fancier, but didn't think I would be sharing it on Show and Tell.
I'll share a few pages so you can get the idea of how to do this. I used a CM Sentiments photo album, and covered the pages with page protectors.

The G pages above are full because of all the grandmas and grandpa's!

My grandchildren call me "K-K" so I am on the K page!

Joe is called Pop-Pop by Elisabeth. Caden has his "PaPa" on the P page. Caden calls Joe "Big Joe" since that's what our big boy grandsons call him.

The S and T pages. Elisabeth has a picture of her first tea party on her page

The Y and Z pages. That's a yak. The picture is of Caden "yelling!"
I had a blank page on the last page, so I wrote a love letter to them, with a picture of me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the ABC book I made for the grandbabies. Perhaps you may want to make one for your grandchildren. I tried to use a picture of them on each page.
I'm not sure if we will have power tomorrow or not, if not, I won't be able to to reply to your comments.
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ceekay said...

OH!! I love this idea....I may have to copy you!!! Remember that 9is the greatest compliment I can give - to copy!!!

The Berry's Patch said...

What a darling idea! Very creative!

Hope you stay safe through Hurricane Fay. My mother-in-law is in Florida as well and was hit yesterday. :-)

Kathy said...

What fabulous books, Katherine! The time and effort you must have spent on this project was so worth it! Wonderful keepsake for the children.

Carrie said...

The ABC concept is such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Looooooove this idea!

Adrienne said...

Welcome home, Katherine. What wonderful treasures! You did a great job. Thanks for sharing your books with us. ~Adrienne~

GrumpyAngel said...

What a great idea! I will have to share this idea with my mom and mom-in-law. I hope you and your family stay safe through the hurricane .

Hootin' Anni said...

I love this whole concept! What a great show n tell.

Hope you are staying dry and not getting any flooding in your home. [we just went through Dolly and Eduoard here in Texas this past month....]

Happy Friday.

Chez Nous said...

I'm working on an ABC for my daughter too. I also assigned a letter of the alphabet to family members and friends and asked them to come up with a phrase using that letter. Here's a couple of them:

(Letter G) God loves you, Sophie....and we do, too

(Letter A) You are the most Adorable little girl!

A Hint of Home said...

Those are just precious, Katherine. I'm sure they got a lot of enjoyment looking at them with you.
Hope your power stays on.

Kellie said...

How adorable!! You did a fantastic job!

Carla said...

What neat little books! And what a treasure to have a grandma to make them! Stay save-you folks are in my prayers!

Alice said...

The books are just the sweetest things and I'm sure the children will treasure them forever. How blessed they are to have such a wonderful grandmother!

I'm still watching the weather reports and praying that everyone in Florida will not suffer too much damage.

Penless Thoughts said...

How very nice. Take care, Katherine.

Betty said...

What treasures your grandchildren will have. I hope you don't get any flooding or other damage from Fay.

Have a good weekend.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

I really enjoyed seeing how you put your pages together! I love scrapbooking too, although I don't have time to do it like I would like to. I'm really going to try to do a few albums after Christmas.
It's just wonderful how you have done these albums of your grands!
Blessings to You--and keeping you in my prayers as you go through these storms.
Claudia O.

Love Bears All Things said...

These are great and such a clever idea.
Mama Bear

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

These are SO cute! A lot of work, wow. Great treasures for the littles ones!