Elisabeth's 2nd Birthday

Our granddaughter, Elisabeth, loves Elmo and had an Elmo theme for her 2nd birthday party. She and Caden are two weeks apart, and live in different states.

Lots of Elmo things, including a giant Elmo balloon (above, top left)
We gave Elisabeth and Caden these big stuffed Elmo's last Christmas.

If you have followed my blog a while you may remember we gave her this little plaid dress with Scotty dogs on it.
Her daddy dressed her and we discovered later that the dress is on backwards! LOL! Luckily it looks good in front and back! She is a girly-girl and loves the jewelry I gave her. She has it on here. She is also playing with a set of paper dolls, these were so neat, real thick, and magnetic to stick onto the doll!

Below Elisabeth is eating her birthday cake with a spoon, and a fork!

Can you see the small spot of cake frosting on her nose!
Elisabeth enjoyed her party, for a few days afterward every time she woke up from sleeping she would say, "My birthday!" We were so surprised at how much she had changed in the six months since we had seen her.



Mary said...

Katherine, Elizabeth is just precious. Don't you just love it that she is a girly-girl! I couldn't tell the dress was on backwards. Daddy's do that sometimes. She is darling!!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

What a great party! I forget how close they are in age.
I would've never know her dress was on backwards, lol!
Love all the bright colors~
Happy Birthday Elisabeth!