Dressed-to-a-Tea - Blog-a-thon Week 5

Week 5 of LaTeaDah's Tea Blog-a-Thon. This week we are to share our thoughts on dressing for tea time. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of dressing up for tea time since my computer crashed a few months ago, and took my tea time photos with it.

I like to dress in something frilly when I go to a tea room. I would never wear jeans or shorts to a tea room, but I do wear slacks and a dressy blouse.

I think taking tea at a tea room, or a tea party at a friends house (or your own home) should be a special occasion and we should wear special clothes. A few years ago I was in a tea party club for three years. We had different themes for some of the tea parties, and we asked guests to wear certain colors or clothes. I had a yellow rose tea party and I asked the guests to wear yellow, or a color that goes well with yellow. Click here to see Yellow Rose Tea Party (Then click on Tea Parties, on the left, then go down to the 7th tea party.) Someday I would like to have a black and white tea party, and have people wear white or black.

I don’t usually wear a hat to a tea room, but I do think it is fun if they provide hats and boas for us to wear! My friends and I will always wear them. Once my husband took me to a tea room that provided hats for men as well as women. I wore a pretty fluffy hat, and he wore a fedora, it was perfect for him!

Now I must add that when possible, I am a person who loves to stay in my pj's till noon or later. So I do have tea in my pj's when I'm home alone!

I would like to share this with you:

The Story of “The Dress”

Here is a story about a special dress. A few years ago I saw this dress in my favorite boutique and drooled about it, but wouldn’t buy it because it cost too much. My husband heard me talking about it and he bought it for me! I thought I would wear it if we went on a cruise or to a special occasion, but we haven’t done either. Living in Florida where everything is mostly casual I haven’t had an opportunity to wear it. My husband is a little upset that I’ve never worn it yet, but I just don’t feel like wearing it somewhere that I would feel overdressed.

Soon I will be going to my high school class reunion and I thought I would wear it there, but they voted to wear business attire for the reunion, and this dress certainly isn’t business attire!

It is a two-piece dress. I left the photos large so you can click on them and see the detail, the lace color is ecru.

I hope sometime soon I will have an opportunity to wear my pretty dress!



Anonymous said...

I love your dress. It's so pretty. I love your ideas of throwing tea parties and asking guests to wear certain colors and etc. I think we get so wrapped up in this high paced society of ours that we don't take the time to have fun any more.

La Tea Dah said...

Katherine, I love your black and white dress! I do believe it's time for you to have your black and white tea --- as the dress is perfect for hostessing such an event. It's lovely!

:) LaTeaDah

Alice said...

Your dress is so beautiful, Katherine. Maybe you'll have to make an occasion to wear it yourself. I love your black and white tea idea. Your dress would be perfect for that very formal kind of tea.

Me said...

What a beautiful dress and how sweet of your husband to purchase it for you!

I think it's fun when tea rooms offer hats for ladies to wear to tea. The place where your husband was able to wear the fedora sounds fun. :)


Denise said...

Ooooo1 what a pretty dress! You'll have to visit a fancy tearoom and wear it "just because"! This is a beautiful post ~as usual! You have such pretty things and display them so creatively. It's sucha pleasure to visit your blog! Have a wonderful week!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Business attire? What were they thinking? LOL!

Your dress is beautiful. I like the idea of a themed tea party club...off to follow your link.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Back...that was so nice...a Sandy Clough tea party club. What nice photos and wonderful suggestions for a yellow rose tea.

Arleen ~ The Tea Room said...

Katherine, your black and white dress is stunning! I am partial to black and white, too. I think it's a great idea to have a black and white tea party. How perfect you will look. I wish I could join you!

Marye said...

It is a beautiful dress..Maybe you could make a special dinner and bless your husband by wearing it just for him?

Debbie said...

Girl, go on and WEAR that dress!!! It's frilly and lacy and just what you wanted! I agree with the above comment, either make a special dinner for your husband or plan "my dress wearing dinner" and go out. Don't worry about what others may think. ENJOY IT!

Adrienne said...

You could wear your beautiful dress to the reunion and tell them it IS business attire. The business? Tea parties!

I loved stopping by to see your yellow rose tea party. Of course you understand why I would love that theme. It was fun to see what you did to make it such a lovely day.

A Hint of Home said...

I hope you get that occasion real soon! You could create one yourself. Get a reservation at an upscale restaurant and surprise that hubby of yours. Keep us posted. It's a beautiful outfit.

LBP said...

Too bad you can't wear your dress to your reuniuon, it is a stunning dress. I think that would be perfect to wear to a tea.



Bunny Chic Boutique said...

Oh Katherine!! I agree you should host a Black & White Tea and wear your Gorgeous Dress!!

Your Husband was so sweet to buy it for you ~ what a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Yes ~ you should enjoy it and wear it out to Dinner!!

Bunny Blessings ~


Miss Sandy said...

If your hubby bought you that lovely dress I just bet he'd like to see you in it! Why not surprise him with a homemade romantic dinner for two, dress up in that dress! Don't save it for a proper occasion, if you feel like it, wear it for a walk on the beach or out to dinner, don't worry about being over dressed. If it makes you feel good as well as pretty, it is worth wearing!

Steph said...

That dress is just fantastic!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Katherine,I would wear that beautiful dress on a special date night out or even to a special tea. It is just heavenly! Please wear it soon and take pictures!

ceekay said...

Katherine...I love your dress. I love lace on solid colors. You need to wear that outfit. I too have dreamed of having a black and white tea. I even have the dishes and gifts for everyone...just haven't done it yet! Let's plan it!

Sandra said...

What a beautiful dress! I love black and white as it always seems to have a touch of class.

You need to make reservations to a fancy restaurant just so you can wear that pretty outfit!

Grace Yaskovic said...

your dress is beautiful, I really hope you get to wear it soon!

Lallee said...

Katherine, the dress is beautiful. I would wear it out to dinner regardless of what others are wearing. Everyone will think you are celebrating a special event, which you would be~not having to cook ;-) I say wear and enjoy it!