Yellow Glassware

Since so many of you liked my yellow depression glass collection, I want to share some of my yellow glassware with you too. These bigger platters are on the bottom of my tea cart. These two are a frosted yellow glass.
These three are clear yellow glass with a pretty etched design. The top dish is a candy dish with a handle in the center.

It's a little hard to see the design on the plates.

The platter is on a stand so you can see the designs better.
I love this yellow cutglass dish!
The wavey edges are so pretty

Someone asked if I use these dishes, or just display them. I use them when I have an occasion to! They coordinate very well with my Old Country Roses china.

Below: That's the stand you can see through the platter.


Lallee said...

You have such beautiful pieces. I especially love the one with the wavy edges.

Adrienne said...

Oh, you and I have a lot in common. I also collect yellow depression glass. I have some wonderful pieces. My primary collection is the Florentine pattern. I have the same wonderful cutglass dish! I've never seen the frosted pieces in dishes, only a vase or two. I plan to post pictures of some of my yellow glass on my blog soon. I also collect yellow pottery. ~Adrienne~

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

It seems your collection is growing quite nicely! Beautiful depression glass!